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The WF I-Sold-A-Story/Poem Thread (1 Viewer)


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We love hearing about these success stories! If you could please include a link to the published work in your announcement we can issue you one of our super-duper-award "badge of honor" thingie's, too! :)


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101 words
Dear Chloe,

[FONT=wf_segoe-ui_normal]Thank you for your submission to 101 Words. We enjoyed the opportunity to read "Midnight Seller." [/FONT]

[FONT=wf_segoe-ui_normal]We are interested in publishing your story. Congratulations![/FONT]

[FONT=wf_segoe-ui_normal]This was a nice story with an interesting premise and good execution. I have tentatively scheduled it to go up on Tuesday, November 7. The link to it will go live on the date of publication: https://101words.org/midnight-seller/[/FONT]

[FONT=wf_segoe-ui_normal]Congratulations again, and we look forward to reading more of your stories. [/FONT]

[FONT=wf_segoe-ui_normal]Warm regards,[/FONT]

[FONT=wf_segoe-ui_normal]Maura Yzmore[/FONT]
101 Words

Not a story, but sent a poem off to a writing magazine few weeks back and got a response.

Hi Chloe

Thank you so much for sending your poem for the Workshop column. I’d very much like to use it in next July’s issue (published at the beginning of June.)

I’ll be working on your piece during February/March, so as there’s a little while before then, feel free to resubmit with any further revisions you wish to make, (eg. to clarify the scene a little, or work any adjustments to help the punctuation/sentence structuring.)

Please feel free to send in anything you’d like to add about the poem, such as parts that were easy or particularly difficult to write, any anxieties you had about the piece, even quirky bits about how you came to write it or where you were (eg. over breakfast/just after finishing ‘Hamlet’/during a long walk) - in fact anything you’d like to share.

I’m glad you liked ‘Intensive Care’. Liz had a very trying experience in hospital, and it coincided with a massive breakdown in the NHS computer systems. I think she was very brave to pen the poem!

Happy writing, and all good wishes



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Here are the stories that I've had the good fortune to have published. They wouldn't have been so, if it wasn't for those who've helped me with my writing

Unexpected Opportunity: Feb 2015 Aphelion

Dandelion Dreams: FlashFictionPress 11/23/2015

Umbrae Calling: TheFlashFictionPress 1/25/2016

Their Very First Battle: The FlashFictionPress 1-31-2017

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