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The WF I-Sold-A-Story/Poem Thread (1 Viewer)


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This thread is giving me some much needed confidence to send out one of my stories. Keep up the great work !


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So after a gazillion form rejections, a handful of really nice personal rejections and an honorable mention, I just had a string of acceptances! Excited to say that my short and flash fiction will be forthcoming at Saturday Night Reader, Slink Chunk Press, Flash Fiction Magazine and Bewildering Stories in July and August :) Two were 'beefed up' LM entries and the others workshopped here. Thanks WF'ers for your awesome support! So now that I've cracked the Token Payment & No Monetary Payment markets, I've set my sights on semi-pro before the end of the year. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can...


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OMG, that picture!!!! What an adorable Future Superhero!

Thanks Kyle. Seriously would not have made this kind of progress without the help of the awesome 'critters' at WF such as yourself and a bunch of others!


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:champagne: Fabulous!!!! TK, thank you for sharing your wonderful news!! Ummmm... can I have a signed copy???


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Congrats TK! I've often thought the best way to handle a rejection letter is to be a hit for another publisher. ;)


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Yay, TK!


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