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"The War" (A funny chuckler of a poem). Submit your funny poems too. (1 Viewer)

Lee Messer

Senior Member
This I wrote on the fly in about one hour I suppose.
I don't normally write poetry, so treat this a free zone for anyone.
If you have any advice to make it funnier or better feel free to make suggestions.

The same goes for anyone else posting here, and suggestions about anyone's work.
I'll start with my little funny poem.

Lee Messer

Senior Member
The Independence Day War

Not one would know, nor ever admit,
The reason peace ended and would not submit.

There were no silence for the birds in their sleep.
The calmed wind bore sweat by the creek.
Whispers were heard as the shadows would creep.
The war would soon be nigh.

A promise made, and bereft as sworn… the territories surrounded with corn.
No law enforced, and thus none sundered, the treaty would soon be torn.

For at midnight, on a Friday a new neighbor had arrived.
And the fabled… “War of Independence Day” would soon begin again…
… as would be seen the treaty of last year, was a just a devil’s lie.
Later would be said, "The war was short, but as harrowing as hell in sin."

The wick was lit, and deep in the sky was heard a deafening siren’s cry.
While the simple man slept so soft in his bed, unknowing of why.

Two rousers decided to introduce the new neighbor to this solemn peaceful ‘hood’…
By launching an ‘aerial bomb’ as large of a diameter that the firework salesman could.
As the Friday night rabble came home to roost, this massive sonic boom…
Would rattle the rousers, and rouse the rabble, and the slumbered in their rooms.

But this was the genesis, for retorted the voice, of the discerning rednecks across the creek,
“What the hell was that!”, almost in unison, came loud from their porches, while windows still rattled, and babies began to shriek.

Later it was, no more than noon and four,
…the sleepless ones then left the store.
Those patriotic Americans from across the stream had called in from work, and the rockets screamed.
“So much for peace”, came from our side of the creek, as every house saw streaks…
…of the volleyed lawn scored and tore from yet another, “Independence Day War.”

Not one would know, nor ever admit,
The reason peace ended and would not submit.​
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