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The Wanderer --- (1 Viewer)


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From brine that comes and goes
Across hot sand
Into hills and plains and groves
My shadow tells the time
[FONT=&Verdana]And ratchets around my toes

The mist falls from the ground
And plays where it arose
Then heights shrink underfoot
As my eyes dry by what blows
I blink and turn
And see the shiny skirt
From under I was born
The air where I have come
Stretched and silent
Quiet screaming tranquil peace
I wonder and I wander
How high can something go?
[FONT=&Verdana]The Wanderer thinks in prose

Sit and meditate
[FONT=&Verdana]The idle to create
[FONT=&Verdana]ver higher lows

The Wanderer thinks in prose


Poetry Mentor
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Senior Mentor
This is a beautiful, insightful poem, with a subtle message and imagery skillfully placed... there are some really beautiful lines :"my shadow tells the time", "ever higher lows", and some brilliant word play... " I wonder and I wander"... lines like these sets your poem apart from the mundane... I enjoyed your unique and creative style, welcome to the Poet's Showcase ;)