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The time is now (1 Viewer)


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What's it like to be in heaven?
Life on earth so uneven
People can breeze through life easily
Others cut with knives immediately

Together trying to understand
Why some of us can never land
We need to be open
Keep positivity in motion

Our country has many classes
The rich,
The working
The poor
and the homeless
some call asses

If we look at the bottom line
Individually we could shine
Making a stance, taking a side
is better than saying nothing
and letting it ride

The time is now
to make a change somehow
Believe in humanity
Social Justice

Our bodies depleted
by food humans created
Our minds rearranged
Always in it
not sure how to be present

No time to be real
Electronics, games make the steal
Addiction now an epidemic
Working too much is part of it

Human connection
lost in a second
a rang, a beep a vibration
we need to listen

If we all lived in darkness
maybe this would end the madness
It's all about being black or white
privileges granted, that's not right

How do we become even
when history repeats itself
is on-going

Break down the barriers
let's all become believers
The time is now
to make a change somehow

We all can do better
one side or the other
One step today
will go a long way
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