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The time has come for me to pass the beloved baton (1 Viewer)

Chesters Daughter

WF Veterans
It is with great regret and sadness that I write these words. Please know that this decision was made before my brother‘s untimely passing. My health has been steadily declining for the past few years, my immune system has decided that my own tissues are predatory and must be eliminated, and frequent bouts of severe illness has made me unreliable which is simply unacceptable. Had I been invaded by an opportunist pathogen, this would not be such a bitter pill, but to have me trying to kill me is irony beyond what even I can accept. It sucks.

Once upon a time, real life dictated that Baron could no longer run the challenge he’d so favored. He was of a mind to let it go by the wayside. Baron happened to be my most influential mentor, and on the quiet, he taught me individually and extended me an abundance of kindness in every facet of my life here, and then some. The challenge was important to him because it taught, and so I asked him if he would be willing to pass it to me in lieu of it suffering a premature demise, and he agreed to. I gotta tell you guys, I did not know what I was doing, but he coached me and made me proficient enough to continue. There have been a few lovely members who maintained the workings for me when real life held me hostage, and I am, and will ever be, grateful to them for their assistance and hard work. In reverence and respect for Rob, I have done this far past my expiration date. I can only hope he understands why I must now hand over the reins.

Imagine a drumroll please, for the following announcement is not only a blessing to us all, but a wonderful gift to me, and I’m sure to Rob as well. Come July, Santa Bob, better known to most as R. Callaci, will be your challenge host. He and Rob were friends long before I touched down here, so I know Rob must be pleased beyond measure that Bob will be the keeper of his legacy. We are all so very fortunate to have such an accomplished poet and teacher to run, enhance, and improve our challenge. I know you will all extend him the same gracious kindness you’ve extended me. I’ve bequeathed the poetry pit bulls to him, so tread wisely.

I just want to tell you all that it has been both an honor and a privilege to be able to serve you. I truly adore all of our poets and I will continue to do so. Thank you so much for the opportunity to run our challenge, and for putting up with my rambles, my occasional pushiness, and for your valued participation which kept the whole shebang going.

Santa Bob, you’ve given new meaning to “Christmas in July”. May the force be with you, and may God keep you, and all of our beautiful poets, in His loving embrace.

See you guys on the boards.❤️


WF Veterans
Hugs to you and thank you for all the time and care you have put into the Monthly Challenge. It has been one of my favorite highlights of the forum since I joined...even when I slide in under the wire, dust boiling behind me.

I've learned a lot from it and I will always be thankful that I had the opportunity. Change is always tough, but you have chosen wisely, much as Indiana Jones did in The Last Crusade.


Phil Istine

WF Veterans
I think you ran things very well - I can sleep through deadlines even when I'm in good health. This challenge (and the former P i P one) were my introduction to writing poetry regularly./

I'm sorry to hear that your health has declined and that it's autoimmune in nature. I hope we will still be seeing your poems on here.
Best wishes.


Poetry Mentor
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Senior Mentor
Dear Lisa, saying "Thank you" is so inadequate for the task you carried out for many years... you have been a friend and a mentor and I am thankful and grateful for your support of not only me, but all the WF poets... That you can hand the baton over to Rcallaci must set your mind at ease, knowing it is going into such caring and skillful hands, if it can't be you, then of course, it MUST be the Maestro.... WF's very own Word Wizard ;)

Take care of yourself.... and from time to time, hopefully you will post one of your awesome poems to keep us inspired....

Love, hugs and respect, from your friend Julia, AKA Firemajic....


Friends of WF
Thank you CD for your dedication to WF while pushing through the arguments with your body. I always appreciated, and still do, your down to earth, a spade is a spade common sense attitude as well as your thoughtful understanding of slow learners like me.
This is not good bye, but that french word I can’t spell….
Good vibes comin’ your way.

bazz cargo

Retired Supervisor
We are Stardust.
We are motes that speed along the catastrophe curve with our collective asses hanging over the edge.
We are human. Empathizing with each other. Your pain is my sadness.

I too owe The Baron for his kindness and teaching. Mind you we didn't always see eye to eye.
I too owe you for your kindness and teaching. You do not stand alone, while here you are amongst friends.


Staff member
Dear Lisa, it is so typical of your magnificent sense of duty that you should thank us for allowing you to run the challenge! You are truly a shining light here on WF and I'm so pleased that you are planning to stick around and keep treating us to your inspirational poetry. Be kind to yourself and take the time you need to begin to heal. Bob has a hard act to follow but, if anyone can do it, he can. Thank you for all the hard work, kindness and love that you have offered to all the poets. Keep writing and keep posting! xx


Staff member
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, Lisa. Yes, you have done the Baron proud.
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Thank you, Lisa, you've outperformed your physical endurance regularly and well. I know Baron would not only have been pleased with how you've taken care of the challenge but would urge you to take care of yourself. Much love. hugs!


Staff member
Your mentor baron would be proud. I was here when the poetry challenge started , it's changed over the years but you managed it quite well. You were its longest and most dedicated host. As jen stated, you will be a hard act to follow. I'll do my best to take care of your poetic baby. It may take a while before I make my imprint on the challenge so please bare with me as we dive in this well established poetic venture. I may tweak a few things in the next few months but nothing major. I may fumble a bit so please have patience as I get into the poetic feel of things. I'll see all you poets in July.

Lisa I wish you well, better health and better times. Keep writing your wonderful poetry and always remember this will always be your board, you'll always be the ghost host.

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Chesters Daughter

WF Veterans
Wow, you guys are so wonderful, you all got the waterworks going over here. I fully intend to reply to each of you individually but right now I’m in the middle of a shit storm and I want my replies to be thoughtful so wait they regrettably must. We finally had a mass for my brother and buried his ashes with our mom and dad on Saturday. He was at home with my sister prior to that. The police sealed his apartment, so we had to go to court to get in there, unfortunately, that particular court is closed due to Covid so we had to do everything by mail. We finally got the court order to get in the apartment and now we have to clean it out and that’s what we’re in the middle of doing. We are paying rent on the apartment, and NYC rents are ridiculously exorbitant, so time is of the essence because we paid for this month and were not allowed to even step inside. He’s got an awful lot of stuff, it’s terribly emotional and we’re there every day. I promise as soon as we get done I will thank each and everyone of you heartily and individually. In the meantime, I thank you with all my heart for your very kind words because they’re helping me keep my head above water in a deluge of despair. Speak with you guys soon. Hugs.