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TheStoryofEcho_cover - 500px.jpg

"There is no war. It's all a lie."

Gifted in the mechanical arts, Echo has a passion for making things fly. But after an army of horned marauders sweeps across the land, she discovers that she alone has the means to rally a defense their adversary will never expect. She must decide between protecting her home and saving the dukedom.

The nation’s future hangs by a nail. The prospect of war against hordes from the pages of legend, the pain of a loving family cast asunder, and the violent deceit of a friend-turned-traitor who will stop at nothing in his own merciless quest for supremacy, all threaten to destroy Echo under their immensity. Yet her humble aerial visions may be the only thing to turn the tide.

What must be sacrificed to do what’s right? The Story of Echo, a saga of devotion and power, chronicles a clash between the fantastical and the everyday and shows what happens when ordinary people are pushed far past the limit in the service of those they love.