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The Stone and The Maiden (1 Viewer)


The Stone and the Maiden is the beginning of a two book series (the second book being THe Mask and The Sorceress) by Dennis Jones. These books are similar to the Lord of the Rings books in the sense that a whole new world with it's own history is created. Each part of the world has its own society with different traditions and origins from anything that we've heard of. The books are really quite good for those of you who like fantasy books. New creatures and new objects are introduced at almost every turn. There is a small love story in both books. And the last book ends completely opposite from what you think it will. But it is well worth the time spent reading its 450+ pages in each book. Lengthy, but good.


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Sounds interesting. I'll have to read both of those. I looked them up on Amazon and found The Stone and the Maiden for a penny. Says good condition too. The cheapest I found for the second one was $7.50. By the way, I read your signature and thought " I've heard those words before!" After a few seconds I realized they were from Alice in Wonderland. That's awesome! Where'd you find the words?


The words are the first stanza to a poem called "The Jabberwocky". Yeah, it's in Alice in Wonderland. But I've always called it "Alice through the looking glass". Don't know if there's a big difference, but all you need to do is google "Jabberwocky" and you'll come up with so much. There's even a website that has dozens of parodies on the poem on many different subjects. My favorite parody is the one where it says all the chemicals.

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