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The Shipping News by E. Annie Proulx (1 Viewer)


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A Pulitzer Prize winning Newfie tale of Quoyle, a newspaperman reeling after the death of his two-timing wife, and his aunt, two children, and a quirky but painstakingly real cast of characters on the coast of Atlantic Canada. Dredged up family history, the wacky crew of the local newspaper, and an eerie Newfoundland backdrop combine to make this an interesting reading experience.

I'll be there first one to say it - gritty fiction usually does it for me, and on the surface, this seemed to lack those elements. But the story was engrossing, the setting - gothic and imposing - and Proulx's writing is as vivid as it is original.

Who would have thought that small town atlantic Canada could make for such a powerful and alluring read! I also saw the movie, which was decent but didn't do the novel justice.

I have no problems giving this a five.