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The Secret Life of Bees (1 Viewer)



The Secret Life of Bees is a book I would definitely NOT recommend. It was a huge best-seller but it was a total cliche. It was corny as anything and I hated it. I had to read it for a university class, otherwise I never would have touched it.

~fictionfan (but obviously not a fan of ALL fiction)


Yeah, I didn't really like that book. It was fairly well-written, so I can give it that, but otherwise it was boring and not interesting... :joker:


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I hear people talking about that all the time in my school. They say like: "Hey, did you read the Secret Life of Bees?" And then whoever they ask groans and complains about how bad it is. First time I saw that book, I laughed at the title; it does sound pretty silly.


I had to read it for school this year, but I had read it over the summer. I loved the way it was written, and I did enjoy reading the book itself.

So I disagree.


hmm iv heard its good but the plot is a bit iffy(is that even a word?)
owell its been lying around my house forever so i guess il pick it up :thumbl:

Dancer Preston

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gingerpower said:
hmm iv heard its good but the plot is a bit iffy(is that even a word?)
owell its been lying around my house forever so i guess il pick it up :thumbl:

From dictionary.com:

if·fy /ˈɪf
–adjective, -fi·er, -fi·est. Informal. 1.full of unresolved points or questions: an iffy situation. 2.doubtful; questionable: An early decision on this is iffy.

So yes, it is a real word. :)

Tundra Belle

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Oh, the shame of it!

But I have to admit….to having enjoyed Bees. Two reasons:

1) the imagery and the voice
2) T-Ray. That was one mean man. I spent the book waiting to see if he would catch up with her (what was her name?) and what he’d do if he did. Ms. Monk's work with T-Ray served as a reminder that your protagonist is only as good as your antagonist is bad.

Reading Bees was an obvious fluke for me, as was that poem I wrote a week ago. My redemption, however:

Usual Reading Material: Science Fiction
Current favorite author: Richard K. Morgan.

And believe me, there’s nothing further from Bees than Morgan's Altered Carbon.



I just thought it was too cutesy and feel good and I hate that crap.