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The Scorching Chapter 5 and 6 (Post-Apoc) (Mildly graphic scene) (1 Viewer)


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Chapter 5

Jackson opened his eyes and rolled his legs over the side of the cot. He went to brush his hair back and remembered that he had cut it off hours before. As he yawned and stretched, he stood up and went to the sink. He grabbed a toothbrush, wet it under a bottle of water, and brushed his teeth. Once done, he went over to the shelf that was standing in the corner and grabbed a can of beans. There was an assortment of canned goods and military rations but mostly, just beans. He grew tired of canned beans but had little choice. He had been saving his rations for desperate times when starvation took him. He opened it up and warmed it over the stove in a small pot. First meal of the day is the most important they always say. He made sure not to miss even one morsel of food in his bowl. Then he walked over to his table and started to put his uniform on getting ready for another day in this hell that was all around him. He grabbed his rifle afterwards and pulled the slide back checking for the round in the chamber and let it slam forward with a loud metallic slapping sound. He looked to the stairs and started upwards to the shelter door.

He adjusted himself prior to opening the door making sure that his rifle was right where it needed to be in case there was anything outside. He opened it slowly, which was painful as the door was heavy and his muscles were always sore from running and fighting. He skimmed the surface before letting himself out quietly, easing the door down gently and letting it shut.

The wind was strong today and whipping past his ears as it blew by. He focused and stared at the ground unsure of himself. He thought he heard something. Something very out of the ordinary. Something he hadn’t heard in quite some time. Screaming. It was someone screaming. A woman. He shot to the side gate of the house and poked through before completely giving himself away. Down the street, he saw a girl, running with a bag on her back. What the hell was going on, he thought. And then he knew as he gasped out loud and saw a pack of men trailing closely behind her.

“Over here!” he yelled as loud as he could; trying to catch her attention.

The girl was wide eyed as she saw Jackson yelling and waving his arms. She gave it everything she had and sprinted as fast as she could. The men were drawing closer and closer with every second that passed. She looked back and screamed as they were running, chasing, and barking for her blood.

Jackson stepped out from the side of the house and pulled the rifle into his shoulder. He stared into the scope and exhaled his breath slowly as he let a bullet fly from the barrel. He had shot one of them in the face and watched him hit the ground rolling into his eternal slumber. One of the others had stumbled over the dead body and lost control falling to his face sending a spatter of blood onto the concrete. The girl was getting closer now and so was the danger. Jackson had to act fast or else he would have two ravenous men ripping him and the girl to pieces.

Another bullet flew and down went another as his blood exploded from the back of his head. The girl was only feet away now, “Quick, through the gate!” he yelled. By now, the third male turned direction and was attempting to flee the other way. A hundred feet, a hundred and fifty feet, the man was escaping quickly. But there was no way he could run faster than the bullet that fired from the rifle catching him right in the back of the neck and coming out the front of his throat.

Jackson walked over and saw the man choking on his own blood, looking up at him from the flat of his back with his eyes saying “please, please help me”. Jackson knelt down and studied him for a moment before watching as his breathing stopped and the eyes rolled back staring into nothingness. He stood up and shouldered his rifle as he looked for more men, then walked back over to the gate and peered around the corner. She was there, on the ground breathing uncontrollably and startled. Her clothes were ragged and torn with blood spots all over. She had jet black hair and brown eyes with light freckles across her nose. Her ears were pierced completely up and down. She couldn’t have been more than eighteen years old.

Jackson lowered his rifle and walked up to her. She began to crawl backwards hastily scared for her life. But he put out his hand and gave the best smile he could muster up. She stopped and stared for a moment before hesitantly extending her arm and allowing him to pull her up.

“I’m Ryan, are you ok?”

She gazed for a moment completely at a loss for words.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“I’m, I’m Jessie.”

Chapter 6

They were sitting at the table now. Jackson was watching her intently. She was gulping down a bottle of water still trying to catch her breath at the same time. And then she wiped her mouth and stared at Jackson staring at her.

“Thanks, back there, for saving my ass like that”

“No problem. What were you doing out there, I mean, where did you come from?” he said.

“I was out looking for food. I haven’t eaten in days and fresh water is hard to come by, girls gotta do what needs doin” she said raising the bottle in a cheers-to-you motion.

“How have you survived this long?” he questioned.

“Well, I was in a refuge for awhile…”

“There are more of you!?” he said excitedly as he sat up straight.

“No, not anymore. Some men found us and came. A large group of them, maybe ten or fifteen. I was the only one to make it out.” She looked at the ground in reverence.

“Where’s this place at? Are there any supplies left? Could you take me there?” he asked.

“Not unless you got a death wish. Some of them are still there. I tried doubling back after everything happened but I wasn’t able to get close enough. I heard one of them mention another group of survivors at the airport”

“Which one?” he said as he sat forward in his seat.

She took another drink of water and said “JFK. Supposedly there are Army dudes and stuff there”

Jackson sat back in his chair astonished at what he just heard. More survivors and military to boot. He had never thought to go to the airport. He didn’t know how to fly, didn’t know any pilots, and it wasn’t very fortified. By now, the planes must have been sitting there two years now unmaintained. Flying them was questionable.

“Mind sparing me a can of beans?” she asked nodding to the corner shelf.

Jackson smiled and said “Have at it.”

Jessie got up and grabbed some beans and curiously started looking around the shelter. She smiled and pointed at the shower with the can.

“That thing work?”

“Yeah, it works. You wanna wash up? Easy on the water though, don’t have much before it needs to filter back into the tanks. So, take it easy.”

Jessie ate in silence. There wasn’t any time to converse since she hadn’t eaten in awhile. When the bowl was empty and licked clean, she let out a loud burp and then covered her mouth quickly.

“Sorry, tastes good” she said as she giggled softly behind her hands.

“Um, I’m gonna shower now, so no peeking, got it?”

“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna try anything.” he said as he turned in his seat and was facing the shelter door now.

He could hear her removing her clothing and tried not to blush. The water turned on and he heard her pulling the curtain back. She screamed and then laughed “It’s so cold!”

“Well what did you expect; this isn’t the Hilton ya know”

“I know. Just saying.”

Jessie got in the shower and pulled the curtains forward.

“So how long have you been out on your own?” he asked.

“Well, if I had to guess, I’d say about three weeks now. Been moving around trying to survive, eating whatever looked good still. You know you’re pretty lucky to have as much food as you do”

“Well, there haven’t been much hunters round here since there isn’t anyone around for them to eat.”

“Hunters?” she asked.

“Yeah, that’s what they are to me. What do you call them?”

“I don’t know. Never thought about it I guess. Was just trying to not get killed, know what I mean?”

He did all too well. The struggle to survive seemed a constant thing. Deployments in the East and now the war on his own home front. A feeling that was inescapable to him.

“Got a towel I can use or something?” Jessie asked as she turned the water off.

“Yeah, on the back of the chair by the wall there.” He replied.

“Wouldn’t happen to have a change of clothes either, would ya?”

“You’re in luck, just under the bed is a small box. It was in here when I got here, go for it.”

Jessie tip toed over to the bed and tried not to get water all over the floor, not that it mattered. She slid the box out and peeked what was inside. There was a pair of cargo pants and an old rock band t-shirt from the eighties. Underneath were panties and a few pairs of socks.

“Not much for selection here” she said jokingly.

“Beggars can’t be choosers, you could always head over to the Nordstrom and pick something out if ya like” he said sarcastically.

“So what’s the plan?” she asked.

“Well, you said it yourself. Survive and look for supplies. You’re lucky I heard you when I did. I was just on my out. Wouldn’t have been there if I hadn’t woken up when I did”

Jessie nodded and looked to the cot.

“You mind if I catch a few zee’s? I haven’t exactly had the most comfortable of sleeps in awhile” she said slipping on her punk rock shirt.

“No, feel free to use the cot, ill just be here, catching up on my chores” he replied smiling a bit.

Jessie laid down and seemed comfortable; she was sleeping soundly just seconds later. Jackson took this time to dismantle his rifle for a deep cleaning. He took it apart piece by piece and carefully lubricated all the sections before putting it back together.