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the romance mild sex maybe 1940 words (1 Viewer)


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Frances is tired of being single so as she walked the boardwalk of her hometown she looked at the single men. She took in the various games, the clown next to one of the many pizza joints, the Ferris wheel among the various shops. She noticed Anthony, a guy she went to high school with. He sat there with his friend Valentine and talked.

He is still single but he is shy around the ladies. One day Frances asked his friend Valentine for Anthony’s address. Frances waited and waited for Valentine to give her Anthony’s address, but no avail. Frustrated she called her best friend Tamara for his address and decided to write Anthony a letter.

Dear Anthony,

Hi my name is Frances March. Do you remember me? We went to high school together. What have you been up to lately? I am cashier at a food store. So what do you do for a living? Enclosed is a copy of my picture.


Dear Frances,

Hi Frances yes I remember you. You were in my math class right? I haven’t been up too much. I work for my dad at his law firm. I am lawyer in training and I hate it. However, my dad won’t let me pursue my dreams of being of a writer.


p.s. Call or text me at 874-545-8765

So Frances gives Anthony a quick phone call on 10-15-12

“Hi how are you? Why doesn’t your dad want you to be a writer?” Frances asked

“I am fine. My dad doesn’t think writing is a lucrative business and is worth the expense.” Anthony replied.

“Oh the reason I called is I want meet in person. So where do you want to meet?”

“Why don’t we meet at the beach not too far from either of our houses on 10-17-12, which is two days from now okay?”

“Sounds good to me.” Then they hung up.

To: Anthony

Subject: beach

Yes I will meet you at the beach on 10-17-12. So you will be able to find me I will wear a red blouse with blue buttons, dark green skirt, and blue hat with red rose on it. Oh by the way what time should we meet?

To: Frances
Subject: beach

I will meet you there at 1p.m. I will be wearing a blue sweatshirt with a dragon on it, a pair of dark black jeans and blue sneakers. I’ll meet you by the big clown.

At the beach they greet each other.

“Hi Frances.”

“Hi Anthony.”

“So Anthony why are you so shy around the girls? I mean you were and still are the handsomest man I know”

“Umm well I guess it’s because I’m so popular with the girls it makes me want to shy away from them”

“Oh really that would have the opposite effect on me. I guess that’s because I’m already outgoing. Does your dad let you have any kind of pets?”

“Yeah we have two cats, but they aren’t getting along right now. One is a new kitten we named Fritz Corey and other is an older one we had for a while that is named Grayson Raspberry. Do you have any pets?”

“Yeah we also have two cats. One is named Rebecca Angel but we call her Becky and the other is named Tigger you know like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.”
“Cool, I love Winnie the Pooh. My favorite is Eeyore. Who is your favorite?”

“My favorite is Piglet he’s so cute and shy. In a way he reminds me of you.”
“Do you want to walk on the beach?” Anthony asked.
“Don’t be silly. The beach is closed for the winter. So why don’t we just walk the boardwalk for a while.”

As they walked the boardwalk they talked some more. As the afternoon wore on they ate pizza for lunch. Then it happened. Anthony’s dad called and said it was emergency.

“Your dad sure knows how to ruin a good time.” Frances said.

“Yeah I know.” Anthony replied. “But I do have to go. It’s a major court case.”

“Sometimes I forget you’re a big-time lawyer. And with that comes big responsibility. I hate that your father is controlling your life.” she replied.

“I feel the same way too at times but at least I make good money. Plus I hope we can do this again sometime. Well I have to go. See yah.”

With that he left Frances standing there, stunned and alone. Frances finally decided to get up and go home.

As she walked home she reflected on the day. It wasn’t all that bad. First, she had a wonderful breakfast with her family. Then she met Anthony at the beach for lunch. Oh and yeah the kiss they almost shared when his phone rang and his dad called him away. Now she was on her way home. Yet somehow she didn’t feel so utterly alone even though she was.

Meanwhile back at the law office:

“Dad what was so important that you had to interrupt my date with Frances? Today was supposed to be my day off.” Anthony said.
“I know Tony but I don’t like that white trash Frances girl. You can do better than her. You know like Sara Sue from accounting down the hall.” His father said.

“You can’t control my life. If I want to date Frances March I will!” Anthony said.

“Tony, be reasonable. She’s a low rate cashier at the Albertsons. Just forget about her. She’s trashy and no good. Next thing I know you’ll want to pursue your dream of becoming a writer.”

“You don’t get it dad. I like her. I mean I really like her. She approached me first that may be true but I like that about her. She is helping me get over my shyness when it comes to girls and that should make you happy.”

“It’s true I want you to be happy but not at the expense of the family name. I’d rather have you remain shy then come out with that woman.”

“I know we‘re rich and upper class compared to Frances but she works hard and she’s lonely just like me. Plus you’ve never met her, so how do you know she’s trashy? I think you think she’s trashy because she’s middle class. Richardson is a common name dad. I know to you it doesn’t seem so common because you come from a long line of Richardson’s and lawyers and lawyer sons.”

“I’m also thinking about the company. We have been Richardson and Son since 1876. That’s over 130 years. I think you will blemish our company name if one day you decide to marry this trashy girl.”

“You know dad I respect the company name but I never wanted to be a lawyer as you know, I wanted to be a writer! Sometimes I hate you for forcing me to become a lawyer. Why in your wildest dreams I would stop listening to you is hard to believe. But you know what dad; I’m going to make plans to have that second date with Frances to see how it goes.”

With that Anthony left the law office and went for a walk. As he walked, he cleared his mind. The fight with his dad had left him exhausted. Why couldn’t he date who he wanted? His dad dated his mom Sara May when they were younger. How dare his dad tell him who to date?

Also walking to relieve stress was Frances. She was worried Anthony wouldn’t want to see her again after that day on the beach. Did I give him my cell phone number? I can’t remember?

Deep in thought neither of them saw the other so they crash into each other. Then they looked up and hugged.

“What happened with your dad?” Frances asked.

“I don’t want to talk about that. What I want is a second date with you. So what do you say?” Anthony asked

“Yes I would love a second date!” Frances replied.

“That would be great. I know this great restaurant in Huston.”

“Great what is it called?”

“Can’t tell you it’s a surprise.” he replied.

So on 10/19/12 Anthony took Frances to the Just Oxtails Soul Food restaurant. Dinner went great.

After dinner Anthony drove them to the boardwalk and as he drove they sat in silence. Once at the boardwalk they decided to go on a few of the rides. Once on the Ferris wheel the silence is broken by Anthony.

“Did you enjoy your dinner Frances?”

“Yes I did. Did I tell you I’m afraid of heights?”

“No you didn’t. Why didn’t you tell me before we got the Ferris wheel Frances?”

“I was scared you would leave me here alone.”

“Oh Frances can’t you see I like you a lot and that I would never leave you alone unnecessarily.”

“Oh Anthony I’m glad you feel that way. I feel the same way about you.”

Anthony leaned into Frances his lips narrowly missed hers. Their lips met and then they embraced in a kiss; A first kiss for Anthony. The kiss seemed awkward at first, but as seconds ticked on the kiss became more passionate.

“Did you have fun tonight Frances” Anthony asked?

“Yes I did. Despite the height thing I had a great time” She replied.

Just then Anthony’s dad stormed in on them while they were on boardwalk and pulled Anthony away from Frances’s embrace.

“Stay away from my son he demanded.”

“How dare storm in on my date with Anthony. You have no right to tell him who can or can’t date. Have a heart Mr. Richardson. I mean look at you, you married a cashier as well. Your wife wasn’t trashy then was she.”

“How dare you make this about me and my wife” He replied.

“Dad is it true mom was a cashier when you married her” Anthony asked?

“Yes Tony it’s true. But that’s part of the reason why I don’t want you to marry this woman. This type of woman tends to get pregnant easily. Trust me I know. That’s how you came about.”

“Dad we’ve only had two dates we aren’t near wedding bells.”

“Tony after two dates with your mom we were in the in sack and we had sex.”

“Dad Frances isn’t ready to have sex with me. Are you Frances” Anthony asked?

“No I’m not. I mean even though we went to high school together we hardly hung out. So I hardly know you. I would like to get know you first” She replied.
“But, but I saw the two of kissing just now” he said.

“Dad it was just a kiss. Besides we are in a public place we aren’t about to naked here and now.” Anthony replied.

“I still think you should marry another lawyer or an accountant”

“But dad don’t you see that I like Frances a lot”

“Yes I can see that but question is why do you like her”

“I like her dad because she made me smile for the first time in a long time.”

“I can see that Tony.”

Just then Anthony pulled away from his father and ran to Frances. They embraced each other in a deep hug.

As they hugged Anthony’s dad snuck away feeling ashamed.

“Oh look your dad left” Frances said.

“Um oh I hadn’t noticed” Anthony replied.

They kissed again. Then Anthony took Frances home. They kissed goodbye on Frances front porch then Frances went in for the night. The beginning of a great romance for Frances and Anthony.


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That's a nice emotional arc! It reminds me strongly of a Horatio Alger novel, except targeted towards young girls.

I felt kind of bored as a reader, because there didn't seem to be anything fantastically interesting about the premise. It felt ordinary.

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