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The real the life the universe and everything answered (560 approx) (1 Viewer)


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Yay,eligible for my first thread.
Not only my first thread but my first output of any kind,since school at least for the perusal of eyes other than my own .
I'd like to acknowledge a clear reference in the title and story which is intended as homage as opposed to any kind of plagiarism.

My starting point is here,I hope to learn much.

The real life the universe and everything answered

Seem's I got a little more than I bargained for on my last psychedelic foray into realms accessed only by the most committed pyschonaughts in the throes of excessive doses of dmt. Out of nothing but idle curiosity ,or perhaps malicious amusement of some description an incomprehensible being from an incomprehensible dimension decided to dumb down and impart on me a knowledge that I and many like me thought I wanted to know. The information was imparted on me coldly with no emotion or inflection,all monotone literally as if spoken by a messaging service.
It went something like this
The universe is the creation of immortal extraterrestrial beings from a time and space with no points of reference that could lend to human comprehension. Your solar system,including the sun is merely infrastructure on a minute stretch of their travel network little more than an intergalactic lay-by, the planet's being dormant bases of complex extraterrestrial service stations.
Earth,used already on over one thousand occasions,and the second most used station overall happens to be the only one in use at the moment as it fulfils the requirements of the extraterrestrials current journey.
Onboard the extraterrestrial craft are repair packets,no bigger than powdered soup sachets containing basic elements designed to interact with an appropriate planet's atmosphere and resources in order to produce the materials to replenish and,or repair the extraterrestrial craft and enable the continuation of their interstellar journey.
The extraterrestrial beings themselves go into stasis deep beneath the earth's crust,and directly below the deepest point of the Atlantic ocean, to be woken only when the various components of the repair kit have fulfilled their purpose.
The repair packets corresponding with earth contain amoeba to be added to the oceans, and various plant seeds to be sewn on appropriate land, so beginning the evolution of life on earth as we know it.
Evolution through the animal kingdom and eventually human civilization and all that has and does entail,leads to an inevitable and immaculately designed fate as dictated by the laws of probability and the nature of infinity(think monkeys,type writers and Shakespeare),that we humans will in a relatively short period of time, (relative to immortal extraterrestrials that is) less than a billion years,create the materials required to service and or fuel the extraterrestrial craft.
At which point service station earth as it were, will be 'reset' ,or 'deep cleaned ,cleansed if you like so that it can recover to its original state and be used again at a later date.
We should try not to feel too despondent at the realization of our insignificance and predetermined fate as a species,while their is no soul or eternal life for us as humans we do at least have free will on an individual level, and so our lives can be lived and enjoyed until such time as we fulfil our inevitable fate.
That being said however ,It may be worth pointing out at this juncture,and with reader discretion advised beyond this point the most disturbing part of this mischievous revelation, that we have already surpassed all records of continuous activity on station earth, and so therefore must presume we are very close to fulfilling our destiny.
Bare in mind this wonderfully wise quote before searching for answers to the mysteries of life, the universe and everything - " The bliss of ignorance can never be replaced " .

Apologies for poor formatting,working solely from my kindle at present as I have recently laid my poor ancient and over worked laptop to rest.
I will do my best to suss out the kindle software but will be back on office/Windows within a couple of months in any case.
Your patience is appreciated.
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Harper J. Cole

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Some interesting philosophy; it could work to try and incorporate that into a larger story.

A tip: best to leave blank lines between paragraphs as they make your work easier to read. I know books typically don't have them but posting online is a bit different. Also, commas should have a space after them and not before.

I look forward to seeing more of your work on here! :thumbr:

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Thanks for the feedback HC.

Online etiquette and gramma are both areas where advice is greatly appreciated as I'm new to forums and don't have a shall we say, conventional education. I mean 'I done some of that book learnin', but never paid as much attention to detail as I might have, so am learning some basic aspects of writing on the fly.

It's insightful that you mention the possibility of incorporating the philosophy into a larger story, as I was thinking while proof reading it whether it would be better used as the premise for a larger work. I decided to post as is pretty much because I was excited to get something out there for critique and felt this is one of my better efforts at present.

Thanks again for taking the time to read and offer advice.

Much appreciated.

Aspirant Wordificer

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Grammar and spelling mistakes aside, I thoroughly enjoyed this explanation on what's actually going on, thanks hypocritter. Also, and just between me and you, special secret sources tell me that what you've written is actually 86% true.


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I think you should take the stuff in parenthesis and immerse them, you got a flow and it kinda of interrupts it.

T. John. C.

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Wow. Mind blown. I've never heard of this theory and it has just jump-started my philosophical brain portion for the day. Very interesting. I agree with HarperCole, this could be used for more. A Sci-Fi Thriller perhaps?


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Super cool.
We are just worker ants for the deep-sea sleeping rulers of the next and future world who also rule the past.
Vague and inherently inarguable, just the way I like it! Sparks of creativity starting fires in the minds of others

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