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The Rats (Rated R) (1 Viewer)


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Producers/agents/directors never read a script that isn't perfectly formatted to industry standards.

The grocery delivery man arrives...

The ambulance arrives and the paramedics break down the front door

Some of the girls titter among themselves, but KEOGH remains quiet.

- You need to use caps each time you introduce a character. But don't cap a name if it has already been mentioned in the script.

Stage directions, such as "(Mumbled to himself)" or "(Arrogant)" are widely used in plays, but are discouraged in scripts. You should leave the director the freedom to decide for this kind of details. To the best of my knowledge, the use of "Cut to:" is also discouraged in a spec script.

Grammar and puctuation may be less important in a script than, say, a short story. Yet, before it gets produced, a script is normally read by a large number of persons. A phrase with many run-on sentences (such as the following) can give those people a hard time:

The grocery delivery man arrives to make his delivery and finds the previous days order still on the doorstep, concerned, he pulls his mobile phone from his pocket dials a number.

Other than that, I think it's ok. Good luck!


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...format and writing skills aside, thing, you can NOT adapt anyone else's work without obtaining the rights first!

... to do so and show the work to anyone else, let alone post it in a public forum, is plagiarism and infringement of copyright and can get you sued for whatever you now own and ever will...

...if herbert's books are not in the public domain, you are in deep doo-doo and should yank this post forthwith...

...besides which, it's already been turned into a movie titled, 'deadly eyes'
(1982) and a 2002 tv mow clone is actually titled, 'the rats' and takes place in a department store and the subterranean underbelly of manhattan...

hugs, maia

The Thing

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The 1982 Movie is a load of crap... the TV movie isn't even based on the novel... but thanks for the warning.


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i agree about the movies... but am glad you're taking the safe route and deleting the post... it's a shame no one has done justice to a very fine writer's work... maybe if you win the lottery or a wealthy relative leaves you millions, you'll be the one to do it?... hugs, maia