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The Question Game. (1 Viewer)

Hmm. Well I was at this totally goth rave with my girlfriend and then they started playing like totally goth music and yeah.

Have you ever spit out a beverage like in the movies where someone in drinking something and they hear something shocking and then they spit it out all voer the place?


Senior Member
yes, i was with my family watching some movie (cant remember what one) and i got a fright and sprayed my drink on the people in front..my sister and i spent the rest of the movie laughing about it.

have you ever bought somthing you didnt need or want just to impress someone that you have enough money to buy it?
Hmm, I don't think so. Although one time I made my friend pay for my lunch, not that it has anything to do with your question.

After what event did you see the largest amount of your own blood?


Either the time I got hit on the nose by someone throwing a tennis ball very hard (good times, eh?) or it could be the time that i started vomiting blood after my tonsils came out!

What is the most stupid thing you have ever heard anyone say?


Senior Member
A minute & minute (get it?) plankton that keeps track of the time before doomsday & armageddon and all the crazy jazz.

If the world rotates at a rate of 1/24 of its circumference an hour, & Jenna has just removed her shoes, what color is the fourth crayon in the box?


Senior Member
the alphabet game is where you get x amount of couples (or it can be single people, whichever) and you go through the alphabet thinking of sexual acts begining with the letter.
the first couple to get all letters win.

(it can be really random like for P you could have sex in a Park and cross P off the list ect ect
and you dont have to go through the alphabet in order, but its more interesting if you do)

what is the last thing you ate?


Senior Member
a sandwich.

Where the hell is everyone? When I joined the place was always busy. Now everyone's vanished.