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The Question Game. (1 Viewer)


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What is a taste you wish you would have never experienced?
not too fond of raw fish(es).
pretty sure it's texture and taste.
wouldn't completely undo it...
maybe shorten the experience duration.

if i were to invest in one search engine (company),
which would you advocate for?


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Looks like the game might have skip-hopped a bit. As such, I'll answer both recently posed questions.

I can't advise you to invest in a search engine. I would need to do more in-depth growth analysis of a search engines parent company before pushing you towards one as an investment. Financial goals and available initial investment funds would be in play too. That being said, if I strip investments down to bare bones thinking, I have always run with 'Invest in what you consume,' as a quick strategy for picking investments on a whim and so I would probably drop my dollars into Google.

The last thing I learned was that Portulaca (a flowering semi-succulent type annual in my gardening zone) has a really lovely orange variation available. Until now I had only seen pinks and yellows! It was a good news sort of situation.

What is a place that you enjoy visiting, but would never want to live there permanently?


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New York City. Love the culture of creativity and diversity. But I prefer to write about it, than live there.

What did you miss the most during Covid Lockdown?


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Laying by the pool with nose in a book.

If you could be standing by the sea, which one would it be?
Laying by the pool with nose in a book.

If you could be standing by the sea, which one would it be?
Laying by the pool with nose in a book.

What color is your favorite mask?

but, alas, time use is as it is

some colors have no names.
today, mediterrannean.
tidal pool.ish

like puzzles?


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Some... but not jigsaw, unless it’s the only puzzle in town

What’s your highest Scrabble score?

'spose i could play a round
to recall score.
not likely.

of 100 words, how many would you try to reserve
for MC character conveyance?