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The Question Game. (2 Viewers)


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This was started in the lounge and did not take off, so lets see if it works here.

Simple Rules: You answer the question above you, then ask the next person a question. Do it as many times as you like, but don't overpower everyone else. Give others a chance. Any question goes, but keep it semi clean.

This is the first question so I have none to answer.

What is your favorite sound?


all over... but at the moment, to texas :) *heart*

If you HAD to lose one of your 5 sense RIGHT NOW for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?


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I would choose my eyesight. Because I always want to see whats ahead of me, whats behind me and to make sure I dont walk into a tree.

Also, I can live without smell, touch, hearing, and taste- but I cant live without seeing.

If you could change you name, what would you change it too and why?

Olly Buckle

I think you mis-read, which one would you lose not which would you keep

Anyway to continue, to Jerry Cornelius, to perpetuate the myth

What was the most unlikely gift you ever recieved?


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I'm a prettyish little English girl who loves her Mama and yearns more thant anything to be a writer.

And you are?


(I own The Returner, great flick)

Edward Norton

What is your favorite anime series?


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saddle. (cos thats the only type of horseriding i have ever done lol)

which would you prefer
-living with your family in some really really shitty house with no modern convieninces and your dirt poor
-living alone in a mansion with as much money and you need