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The Prisoner - short film idea - opinions ? (1 Viewer)



I have an idea that started off as just a story but considering the locations and my area i reckon it could be made into a short film quite easy, just want to see if people reckon its worthy of making a script up:

The Prisoner

Daniel is a man in his late twenties, hes not very bright because his life got turned upside down with the death of his two friends in his later school years.
When he was younger the 3 of them visited a tree known as 'The Devil Tree' in the local graveyard. Rumour had it that if you angered the tree you would see the ghost of a man from Victorian time who was chained to the tree and left there to die after he murdered the vicar, along with his wife and their son.
Daniel was sceptical yet frightened, nothing happened until they were about to leave and he turned around to see the vision of this ghost reaching out after him with angered eyes. For years he was not sure whether it was part of his creative young mind or whether it was real. His two friends denied seeing anything but they were found a few years later murdered in the same graveyard. One was found lying dead in a stream and the other under the tree. Both stabbed to death.
The story follows Daniel coming back to the town for his friends deaths anniversary to try and set his mind at rest, to let himself believe that the tree had nothing to do with this. Whilst back in town he talks to a few locals of his past such as his headmaster, the vicar and his ex-girlfriend. He also looks in the library at old newspaper cuttings of the murders.
Throughout the story he sees visions of the ghost haunting him just as everything is starting to work out well with his ex.
The outcome of the story is that his ex gets murdered by the tree when they both visit it.
the twist is that he is arrested for the murders of his two friends and ex-girlfriend. the other twist is that the ghost is a vision of his future self and keeps coming back to haunt him to show that he is becomming a prisoner in the daily grind of life. He is just another slave to the wage trying to live a happy life in denial that a decent job, friends and family is all he needs. He is unfulfilled. He did all of this to himself.

Lots of unanswered questions as to whether his friends saw the ghost too. And whether he did murder the people. Also maybe its past life regression or something. Ideas and thoughts please ?