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The prey approaches. (1 Viewer)



You will find, if you take the time to know me, that I am not someone who believes in fate. But for this one time, this one post, I am a believer. This is because I know that no matter what I say, no matter how I attempt to make my title for this post unique or the words of this post intriguing, only a certain few will read it. They are fated to read it. Whether it be because they are unusually friendly, or perhapses unfriendly, or maybe they are responsible for meeting and greeting new members. It doesn't matter.
So I think I will dispense with the gimmicks, and just speak from myself.
I am a writer. No big surprise there. Even if I were to say that I define myself largely by the fact that I am a writer, I would still not be very unique here. But that is why I am here. I have been writing for a decade now, and recently as I pass through the length and breadth of my graduate studies, I am beginning to feel that my writing style has matured some. I am still not the writer I want to be, and I say that without a drop of false humility, because I think ever writer thinks of themselves with the same humility. It is not a false humility, but rather a common humility. I hope to offer some of my experience here, whether it comes in the form of writing, or commenting. But mostly I want to interact with other writers, to discuss writing, to pretend for a little while that I am wholly a writer, that my life has not been given to other things. When it comes to my style, you see it here. I write in such a way that you need to read it slowly to understand and perhaps enjoy. It is a careful style, and due to this delicate caution I am equally at home writing fiction (which is my favorite) and writing with the goal of being merely informative. I will spare you from any essays here and focus on fiction. This is who I am. I hope we get along. I hope to be understood. And I am certain that some of you might now have hope. Hope that I will relinquish and stop writing this post now so you can get on with your lives. ;-)