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The Picture of Dorian Gray (1 Viewer)


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His letter to her was inspired bless him. I love Dorain just because I can't believe he's a truly bad person.. he's just lost shall we say. and James, god what a man.. that amount of loyalty is so admirable.


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Yes, I felt bad for James when Dorian tricked him, but also happy for Dorian. I love this book because it just makes you think.


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Yeah I remember the first time I had a oh my god whose side am I on moment, and then thought fuck it, I'm in love with Mr Gray...

I'm away for a week I think I'll have to have Dorian with me.. I'll take the copy I got for christmas with me, I have 2, at least..


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I sat in a doctors waiting room and let 3 people be treated before me so I could read some more of it, I'd already read it 4 times, one that week...

I'm bad, I love him.. Its one of my favourite books I just.. god.. I even got my ex who always swore against Wilde to start liking him haha..

My daddy is the reason I have "Wilde at heart" in my sig, I was chatting on and on about the fact I have another Oscar wilde book and thats what he came out with. I am a nerd, and gladly so :) I love that I didn't get into him just because of the quotes like so many people who claim to be Wilde fans..


I just recently finished it. The story itself is excellent, the philosophy in it is boring and hard to get through and remember. And yes, outdated. I agree with whomever commented above me; the ideas might have been gasp-worthy in polite society back then, but now-a-days it's common sense or just meaningless. I would love to be able to quote him, but I simply can't. He ranks up there with Victor Hugo, another author I recently finished. Both of them use philosophical ideas within their dialogue. If it weren't for Lord Henry's (he's a lord, right? gah! see how fried my brain is??) constant stream of ideas, the book would be much smoother.

Granted, I loved the story. But I'm not reading it again any time soon.


i thought it was ok. the atmosphere created was indeed pretty good. his aesthetic chapter (11) was a bit missplaced and his secondary characters were a bit 2d. i also thought the plot could have done with a bit more fine tuning but overall it was a pretty decent read


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This is interesting:

A Dialogue Between Sir Henry Wotton and Mr. Donne

by John Donne


IF her disdain least change in you can move,
You do not love,
For when that hope gives fuel to the fire,
You sell desire.
Love is not love, but given free ;
And so is mine ; so should yours be.


Her heart, that weeps to hear of others' moan,
To mine is stone.
Her eyes, that weep a stranger's eyes to see,
Joy to wound me.
Yet I so well affect each part,
As—caused by them—I love my smart.


Say her disdainings justly must be graced
With name of chaste ;
And that she frowns lest longing should exceed,
And raging breed ;
So her disdains can ne'er offend,
Unless self-love take private end.


'Tis love breeds love in me, and cold disdain
Kills that again,
As water causeth fire to fret and fume,
Till all consume.
Who can of love more rich gift make,
That to Love's self for love's own sake?

I'll never dig in quarry of an heart
To have no part,
Nor roast in fiery eyes, which always are
Who this way would a lover prove,
May show his patience, not his love.

A frown may be sometimes for physic good,
But not for food ;
And for that raging humour there is sure
A gentler cure.
Why bar you love of private end,
Which never should to public tend?

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Personally I can't wait to start reading some of Wilde's work. From what I've heard he writes a lot like Bram Stoker? I'm not sure and haven't touched anything he's written, but I plan on it soon. What else has he penned, anyone?


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The Importance of Being Ernest is quite amusing, with all talk of Bunburying. A little parable type short story called The Happy Prince (I think) is good, almost got a tear out of me. That's all I've read, with Dorian Gray.


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Hey Ch how are you?
I too have read the trio and loved them, really loved them although with Dorian Grey I was quite unnerved by some of the issues I thought I saw the author struggle with.Still really great reading.


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Wilde's early writing is witty, satirical and entertaining, but to fully appreciate him as an artist, it's important to read his two great works written in prison, De Profundis and The Ballad of Reading Gaol. These two pieces are profoundly moving, and reveal his serious side. Tragically, after his release from prison, up until his death three years later, he was unable to write again.

Girl in Story

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It's kind of weird. I must have heard of the plot somewhere when I was younger, because I started having dreams about a guy whose portrait aged when he didn't. So I mentioned the dreams to my dad and he said it sounded like the premise of The Picture of Dorian Gray.

I started looking for a copy, because I couldn't get this weird yen to read it out of my head. I work at a bookstore, and we didn't it in stock, and the local librarian hadn't even heard of it (which I think is a little sad) so I just ordered myself a copy. I can't wait to get it.


I loved it. I'm actually going to be reading it again soon for English class. i did tons of research on Wilde afterwords,reading all the stuff about his imprisonment and all. I don't remember exactly why it was banned...can any one help me on that? Either way, I completely loved it. The atmosphere it gave was glorious.

The book was banned because it was thought that there were implied allusions to homosexuality.