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The Persistence of Death (1 Viewer)


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In my home the furniture is disappearing.
Where oh where is my furniture?
I must track it down and rearrange them.
Where oh where is my furniture?
God, my neighbor has told me I have died.
Why oh why is this happening?

He must be around the bend somewhere.
I must also scour him tonight and after that.
Where oh where are my furnishings?
I think there is something about God that.
Makes me feel I can reach out and touch materials.
But please tell me where is my furniture.

I think God is joking around and I feel angry.
I wish there was a way to use my nose like a dog
and smell my materials outside all these trees.
And shrubs to get to my furniture.
But please tell me where is my furniture?
God bursts into butterflies; I have become confused.

I have been confused for the last day or so.
As I can only touch the forest and lumber of stumps.
But please tell me where my furniture is?
I have to find a way to fix this mess my friends.
Now where is my furniture my friends?
I can smell the rotting flesh being burned, decaying.

Tell me where is my furniture my friends.
My neighbor tells me I have lived a lifetime.
But that isn’t important right now.
All I care about is my home, yet death is calling.
I must find my furniture immediately!
Can someone tell me where my furniture is?
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