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The other point of view (55 words, language) (1 Viewer)


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I dedicate this to lowprofile300 who's thread gave me the inspiration to try my hand at 55 word flash humor! http://www.writingforums.com/humour/128643-uncontrollable-urge-55-words.html

Thanks for the boost!


I've been Rejected!

Once important, craved... fought over. I've been processed, cast to dirt... buried. Life snakes its way through me, absorbs me. Everything I am becomes reborn, captured in a simple life form. I'm craved once more!

Only to once again be rejected from society? This time I go out fighting. Eat shit asshole.


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I liked it, Potty.

I enjoyed how it only takes one more rejection for it to turn to 'going out fighting'. I loved the ending, too :D


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Did you get it was from the POV of a piece of poop? Not sure I quite got that across.

OMG -- I can barely breathe! :D HAHA.

NO, not all all... but now you mention it... LOL, yeah, totally.

Even better than I thought.


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:king: Genius! lol. Potty, you stole the show:) That was awesome. Yes you definately got that across. Very nicely done. My only critique is that perhaps you change the title from, "The other Point Of View", to "POV of Poop". I say that because, the new title also gives the story a bit of background, that sets the reader up for what comes next. It was easier for me to make the connection after you pointed it out in your comment box. I went back to read it again, and it was an instant hit :king:. Loved it!

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