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The Old Man in the Corner (1 Viewer)


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The Old Man in the Corner

How well I remember as I’m slumped in my chair:
Be’reft of movement, bereft of hair.
My bodily odors might foul the air
I’m sorry, you see I’m not offered care.
My existence seems pointless as day after day
Droplet by droplet my life seeps way.
But deep in this husk, all that you see,
Is a heart full of love and feet that ran free.

Once, as a boy, I ran through the fields
Fighting a dragon non-stop till it yields.
Storming a castle, sailing the sea;
But always back home, in time for my tea.
I had such freedom, I had such dreams.
A true loving home, but with limited means.
It was not as you’ve seen it, just black and white:
But millions of colours, all vivid and bright.

Forgot in the corner as you laugh with your mates;
Boast of your conquests, proud of your dates.
I too had my moments, I too broke some hearts.
You’r not the sole target for all Cupid’s darts.
I loved, and I lost, I partied till dawn.
My neighbour, disgusted, peered through curtains drawn.
I worked and I played, life without care
Till I finally found the life I would share.

We partied, we played, we worked, and we fed.
We also had sex, and not only in bed.
We loved our life’s changes as father and mother.
We too made mistakes, but we had one another.
Our children grew; and they found their own wings.
Followed their own paths to what their life brings.
We had our plans for the dusk of our years;
But dreams can dissolve in a flood of wept tears.

So I was left lonely in the autumn of life
When the Lord decided he needed my wife.
I went on alone, but I was no longer whole:
Every day longer, an ache in my soul.
Now as I slip to once more join my wife
Do not ignore me, I too had a life.
I played, and I loved, I nurtured, ran free,
And one day remember, you will be me!


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I love this! THIS is why I love poetry...You have woven a rich tapestry of beautiful memories, some innocent and joyful, some melancholy and poignant. You speak to my heart and I connected to this well written poem. I loved that you kept your language simple and straight forward---clear and concise , this just rolled along under it's own momentum , to a beautiful and mournful conclusion. So well done. Peace...Jul


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Hey Thanks, thats real kind of you. My lecturer liked it too, gave me A++. He made us go "Out of our Comfort Zone" But he never knew I used to talk to nutty Bert in my village and he told me how he felt and used to say things like "I remember when I was your age nipper" and "Don't you laugh you kids, one day you'll be old" I just sorta put that together with when I was 10 years old and it sorta worked on its own

Gardening Girl

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This is incredible. I concur whole heartedly with Firemajic's comments. It flowed beautifully. The A++ is well deserved.