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The Next Stop (1 Viewer)


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The Next Stop

High upon the pink hilltops, one breeze above the red treetops,
stars punctured night sprinkling clouds with purple hue
which caused the falling gold moonbeams
to filter down in almond streams

and flame my eyes with beauty of an alien planet’s view.

There I was transfixed by majesty without conflict,

enrapt by a silence throbbing soundless at my ears
whose symphony made the colors thunder
across my eyes to wake from slumber
the awe that senses flood to wonder what architect worked here.

Then Dawn’s breathless yawning rippled pecan light thru morning
on my landcraft now approaching with its rush of silken roar.
Overhead it passed a tree, turned and landed close to me.
When I stepped inside, the capsule shut closed and sealed its door.

Up! Up! It whisked me. Ground fell from my feet,
passing clouds that hovered in the upper atmosphere
which stood as guard and sentry 'gainst all outlaw cosmic entry.
Then my capsule docked so gently, in my Starship by my chair.

Automatic did the buckles strap my chest and legs and knuckles.
Jaws tensed, preparing for the up and coming jolt.
In a silence made long lasting, I then felt that rocket blasting.
So, I closed my eyes. I took one breath, just before the bolt.

Straight to lightning warp-speed, thrown back in my seat,
control and throttle gauges blinked their lights upon my berth.
Unzipped did I my flight suit.
Unlatched my helmet’s visor too

to read what was my next stop. Ahhh! That planet they call Earth.

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I really enjoyed this little trip through space. I'm not sure why, but I was hit with emotion when I read the word Earth. I've always looked at the stars in wonder. This put to word the things that my interplanetary dreams are made of.

I'm not very good at critiques. This is more just me saying thank you for allowing me the opportunity to read it.
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NajaNoir - We often have an inner planet or fictional place to escape. When I thought about mine, this piece erupted to the surface out of nowhere. We poets should count our “lucky stars” that our inspirations come often from the most unlikely of places. On my return trip, I’ll leave tickets at the McDonald’s around the corner from Launch Pad 7 for your trip to the “pink hilltops” and “red treetops”. Bring an overnight bag and we'll boldly go where no one has.......Well, you know the rest! Mighty glad you stopped in NN and enjoyed. Namyh
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PeterG - Thanks a bunch for stoppin' in to enjoy this poetic trek across the stars with the rest of us. Now I'm warming up the Klingon coffee and thinking about maybe a trek two. Live long and prosper PG. Namyh
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Cris V

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Beautiful trip you take us on, Nyamh! I love the image of gold moonbeams filtering down in almond streams as well as silence throbbing and colors thundering. Wonderfully done!


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CrisV - Gold moonbeams, almond streams, silence throbbing and colors thundering......come a ride'n with the rest of us anytime and we'll save your seat for all the cosmic panoramic views. Glad you stopped in CV. Namyh
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