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The New "Literary Maneuvers" Coffee Shop (3 Viewers)


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Okay, writing kiddos -

I will post the poll to select the prompt for
the November LM comp

Monday, October 25th

Get your prompts in this weekend

so there is time for seconds!



Harper J. Cole

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December is coming! Prompt suggestions and judging volunteers are welcome! 😍


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Time is getting short
Time to get those shorts in
It's a Sign of the Times
that you're running out

of Time!

One more day :)
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Okay, girls and boys.
The November LM Competition
is now
ClOSED to submissions.

on your mark,
get set,


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Tinsel Tryst
Fireside Gyration
Santa's Pillow
At Calvary A Cross
They name Jesus
Blood on Rock

[oh goodness, confused my Xmas & Easter themes]


Lord Baby Satan Baby
Baby It's You
MY Baby