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The New "Literary Maneuvers" Coffee Shop (3 Viewers)


With no prompt to tie this to I keep forgetting that the LM is going on at all. I guess that acts as a kind of bookmark in my brain that says, "Think about this! And there's a deadline!"

Phil Istine

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A suggestion: if anyone needs a prompt to get them started, take a look through the poetry from the recent NaPoWriMo challenge. There are literally hundreds of poem titles there (30 per participant) and I'm pretty sure that something ought to stir the imagination.


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I prepare for my regular & the routine, the ‘roll out of the bed on a Saturday morning’ and great typing frenzy about Saturday morning issues actually toward approx 620 holy words, sprinkle articles, read through and spend one week, anticipate life-changing victory. Second week suffer personal crisis, & week 5 receive 8/20 scoresheet from across Atlantic, attached kindly words ‘keep on keeping on with your English studies, young lady.’


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Just a little heads up Peeps
there's five days left to submit your
once-in-a-lifetime (maybe) opportunity
for WHATEVER YOU WANT (prompt-less)
650 word story for the May LM Comp.

Come on! You know you want to!

Harper J. Cole

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As one door closes, another opens! It's time for your June prompts.
  • "Confessions of the Future" will be an option, as I left it off the tiebreaker vote last time.

bazz cargo

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1/ A particular word
2/ A colour
3/ An emotion
4/ An item
5/ A question
6/ Some good advice

These are just suggestions, we could do different prompt elements. Less of them. or whatever.
It has been a long time since the last one.
What about 3-4 prompt elements? I feel six is a lot. Like:
1/ A particular word
2/ A colour
3/ An emotion
4/ An item
1/ A genre
2/ A common symbol
3/ A particular word

Specific prompt ideas:

The story must contain 1) science fiction, 2) the sun, and 3) the word "battery"

The story must contain 1) fantasy, 2) a rose, and 3) the word "bacon"

The story must contain 1) the word "sword," 2) the color red, 3) fear, and 4) a clock.

bazz cargo

Retired Supervisor
So would everyone come up with their own six-word prompt, and then we vote on which one to use?
Not quite. It would be fairer to pick each element from a different individual.
I think Arrow could be right to go for a four element round.
I vote for a sense, taste.
I can run down this thread and compile the proposals then pick a good selection.
So, who else has something for the pot?
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