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Located about 8 miles from the Carolina shore there is a tiny hole in the wall restaurant named Jimmy's Seafood where the locals all go to eat their fill of the local seafood. As we drive by my father-in-law comments on the weather and how good this buffet is. I sit in the car beside of my husband of 5 years. Very genuinly I look at him and smile; today is a good day I think. Lately I have had my share of disappontments and I find myself extremely thankful for the harmony I feel at this moment.
Having lived all over North Carolina, I now reside in the Capital city. Life in Raleigh is hectic but good. The pace is frantic at best and lacks the hometown sociability of your smaller Carolina communities such as Morganton, where I grew up. Nestled at the base of the Carolina foothills, the town has a lot to offer if you enjoy mild summers and cold winters. Needless to say, it did not have enough charm to keep me entertained for very long.
For my college days I preffered the hippy community of Applachian State, to the city life of Duke, or NCState. Then again, I can't deny that I was not more interested in the many parties that always had more students than any of my classes. To pay for college, I relied heavily on funds from the ROTC scholarship I had recieved. However, I guess the Army ended up not being my calling as I went Awol more than once. To say I hated it would be an understatement as to my true feelings.
After college I moved in with my soulmate, who is now my husband. Slowly the creative side of me is emmerging and Ii
I find that things that did not used to keep my interest now satisfy me very much. Life's importance, has just now started to dawn on me. My son, who is 15 months has made me realize what is really important in life. To me, that is learning how to love and allowing others to know me for who I really am.


Hello and welcome to the community, Serenity. Super intro, that. Good to meet you. Enjoy!