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The Neverending Story (1 Viewer)


Friends of WF
There are two kinds of people in this world, she thought. Predators and prey.

The alley where she stood, unmoving in the silent shadows, was Florida warm. A playful breeze toyed with the litter at the mouth of the lane. She watched on, moving her eyes only as a tall bearded man stopped and glanced around in the darkness. He turned his back and stood quite still.

She waited. Five minutes. Then another five.

Officer Lina Flynn stepped forward into the light and said, "Good evening."

The man started. "Shit," he said. "How long have you been there?"

"Long enough to know you're alone."

He took an envelope from his pocket, extending his arm. "The others failed. They're dead--"

"Phone first," she said.

He rolled his eyes but handed it to her with his other hand.

She wrapped it in thick aluminum foil, handing it back.

"They're dead." He continued and gave her the envelope. "The targets were supposed to be on the boat when it blew. It's up to you now."

She glanced at the contents of the envelope.

"I won't miss," she said.


Staff member
Hector swung into the General Investigations Unit, talking confidently to the short, smartly-dressed civilian by his side, "So when can we expect the results?" he was saying.
Josh looked expectantly at the bewildered genie, waiting for an answer that was never going to come. Hector, though, was already drawing a coffee from the machine and handing it to his companion. "Professor Jenks," he announced to the detectives who had all turned to watch the arrival of the three into the Unit, "he's working on today's exploding boat case with me and my partner here."
An awkward silence fell over the room, broken only by the loud slurping of coffee from the genie. Josh took a step towards the coffee machine but then stopped as his sudden movement drew all the attention onto him. He grinned and nodded at the detectives in a confused effort to look both confident and friendly and then relief flooded his face as the Commissioner's door opened and all eyes swivelled towards the boss.
"Don't any of you have any work to do?" he barked. Then, turning to Hector and Josh, "You two, in my office, now."
Hector and Josh jumped to attention then hurried through the open door behind him.
The commissioner looked them over for a long moment before his face softened and he gestured towards the chairs by his desk. "Who's this?" he said, noticing the genie who had sidled in and was hovering in the corner with his empty coffee cup.
Hector glanced at the genie with a frown, "This is Professor Jinks-"
"Jenks" Josh put in.
Hector looked bemused. "What?"
"He's professor Jenks, not Jinks."
"Whatever," Hector snapped, "he's our expert, helping us with our investigations into the exploding boat case."
The commissioner looked confused for a moment but then he shook his head in a dismissive gesture and his face became serious. "Forget about that," he said, "I want you guys on another case. We have a problem in the department - a rat - a crooked detective. You men are new, you have no allegiances here. I want you to root out this bad cop but, obviously, it must be done in the strictest confidence so, the less you have to do with anyone else around here, the better. You'll have your own office and you report directly to me. Understand?"

Ten minutes later, Josh and Hector grinned at each other as they surveyed the spacious office with two desks set before a wall of windows that gave a panoramic view of Miami spread out below.
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The genie sidled in after them in spite of the commissioner's confused look and closed the door. Josh and Hector turned slowly, taking in their new space then turned to each other and did a complicated handshake, laughing.

"Can you believe this?" Hector asked, "It's good to have friends in the right places!"

He shot a look at the genie, grinning, and gave a thumbs-up.

The genie raised its hands and backed up a step. "Wasn't me. I don't give stuff away like that. And let me tell you from the perspective of a being that gets trapped into small spaces and forgotten about for hundreds of years - not that I'm bitter!" It said bitterly, "- that this is probably a lot too good to be true."

The two men looked at the genie for a long moment, deflating a little.

"Just great," Josh muttered, "of all the genies to get, ours is a pessimist."

Hector clapped Josh on the shoulder. "Seriously, though, this might get Officer Flynn to look at me twice. Maybe more than twice. Maybe all the time!"

Josh and the genie both stared at him for a beat.

"Sure," Josh finally said dryly, "because that wouldn't compromise the job we've just been given at all"

The genie was rubbing its chin and watching Hector. "Maybe we should have his head examined after that boat explosion."


Friends of WF
Hector's mobile rang. He snatched it from his pocket.

"Cade," he said into the phone and listened to the caller for a few seconds. He looked at Josh and the genie with a surprised look on his face.

Then he smiled. "Sure I like Mexican. I could pick you up if you like."

The smile turned into a grin.

"Okay," he said. "Even better. See you then."

He hung up and plonked his phone in his pocket with a smug look on his face.

"Who was that?" Josh asked him.

"Officer Flynn just asked me out to dinner."


Staff member
Lionel (the Skin) Skinner, Boss of the Florida branch of a notorious international crime syndicate specialising in stolen antiques, filled his bone china cup from the small silver Georgian teapot and then, with a tired wave of his limp hand, bade the excitable little messenger to deliver his news.

“Flynn just called in, Boss. She’s arranged a meeting with the target for tonight.”

He sipped his tea before nodding slowly. A smile crept to the corner of his mouth. “And the lamp? Does she have the lamp?”

The messenger glanced around, taking in the other members of the inner circle who watched him with stony faces. “She didn’t say so, Mr Skinner, no.” The atmosphere in the room dropped by several degrees as sweat popped out on his pimply forehead. “I’ll get back to her right away, sir and make sure.”

“Oh, and Rico...”

The messenger’s race to the door came to a dead stop and he turned fearfully towards Skinner.

“It would be unfortunate if anything happened to those incompetent treasure-hunting idiots before I have my property back.”

“Yes, sir, Mr Skinner.” he managed, before sliding gratefully through the door.