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Nice. Very nice. I'm sort of a nerd poser, but I don't claim to know anything more than I do. I'm a builder, overclocker, and a hardware type of guy. Anything software-related, I learn how to use it and nothing beyond that. I've never been able to grasp programming language, and I probably never will (or even try to).

I am competent in photoshop, mentally handicapped with all web design and all other code, competent at building, hardware troubleshooting, and overclocking, and better than I should ever be with first person shooters.

Still, in the eyes of most of my fellow english-majors, I am a god of technology. I'm even the technology columnist for Tiger Weekly, our university's weekly entertainment and news publication.


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Reminds me of a friend of mine who wanted to get into the custom computer building business and hit me up for a share of the business. He talked and talked and made grand plans and suckered me in..for a while. It was evident he didn't have the slightest idea what he was talking about when we actually went to check out hardware prices and deals and had to confront the store clerk who saw through his poser nerd facade. A humbling experience for him and a lesson learnt for me.


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I guess, before starting a business, you have to know a little about the product your selling.

I tried to do it out of my house. I made most of my money through online sales, but it's just entirely too much work for two people, let alone just me.