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The Music Tapes - First Imaginary Symphony for Nomad (1 Viewer)


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The Music Tapes
First Imaginary Symphony For Nomad

First Imaginary Symphony For Nomad: the very title of this album issues a distinct warning. "Beware, this album is full of whimsy and has been known to cause a carefree feeling in listeners. Do not listen to when operating heavy machinery." From the opening beats of "Song for Soon to be Sailor" that echo back to Pink Floyd's "Breathe," First Imaginary Symphony For Nomad is an album that proves that it doesn't take tens of musical layers to create a very dense-sounding piece. With the utmost of precision and care, musicians Julian Koster and Robbie Cucchario have created a masterpiece among the whimsy stylings of lo-fi and psych-pop.

The influence of bands like Of Montreal and The Olivia Tremor Control is apparent when listening; this is in part due to the fact that members of the Elephant Six collective have contributed heavily to the works of this album.

This album was created over a period of four years; it is remarkable that these two young musicians did not lose interest like so many others have. Their journey is embedded into this fine album, allowing the music to take listeners on a journey through dense soundscapes and spacey, atmospheric pieces. Unlike many albums this ambitious, First Imaginary Symphony For Nomad is warm and inviting.

First Imaginary Symphony For Nomad is an ambitious work of art; it is a musical canvas splayed with fuzz, violins, accordians, pianos, and guitars. It is unlikely that you will ever encounter a work like this in your lifetime; it is space-age music with a composition from the stars.

Matthew Montgomery