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The Misty Maze Forest (1 Viewer)


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Misty Maze Forest

If someone asks how long I've wandered the forest, I would have no clear answer. Not that there's anyone around to ask…

The Misty Maze forest is near endless to those who get lost, and large enough to never cross paths with another-- yet teeming with ambient life and hidden beauties to discover. In keeping of our customs, everyone enters the forest when it's their turn. Those who emerge on the other side are given new clothes, a roof, and a family to raise if they still hold their youth. (…Or is that something I've made up since I've been here? Wait, what is at the other end of the forest?? At this point, only one way to find out…but I digress…)

In truth it feels as if I have been on this path forever; trudging down the same weathered boardwalk for ages on end, never quite knowing which direction to take when given the choice. At times it's exhilarating not seeing what is around the bend--at others, terrifying. It takes way too long to admit when I am lost, and even longer to recognize when I'm back on the correct path. In times of weary stupor, I've even wondered if there is a correct path…

And then something happened. Well lots of things happened, I guess, but something truly amazing happened when I stopped thinking so hard about which way to go. I just let go and watched as I went left towards cheery sunshine; or right, a detour through spooky shade. And each time I walked a new path, it was more beautiful than the last. Now, there is no fear of choosing wrong or missing out on anything, for the constantly changing scenery keeps me infinitely entertained.

Sometimes I wonder if there really is an other side to the Misty Maze.

Sometimes I dream of my youth, before I arrived. It helps to keep up the charade.

Must keep walking...