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The Meaning (1 Viewer)


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Staring at the painting he wonders if there is any meaning. The blackened canvas holds a single line of light that barely arches across the frame. Beginning around the middle of the frame the line creeps out from the black background to a brilliant white division in the darkness. Then it fades back into gray. Then back into darkness. The arch is uneven. Ending lower than it begins. At the end of the line a small curve bends toward the top before falling off of the canvas. Almost as if the artist had changed their mind at the last moment.

The surface of the painting gives him the impression of a storm at sea. The paint lifts and crashes across the canvas. As the tips rise off of the surface the color fades before drying and crumbling away. All the spaces in between fall smooth and deny reflection. All of the spaces hold only darkness. All except the arch of light. There the canvas reflects every ray of light it has every seen.

He sees the initials in the lower left corner of the painting. A large letter “A” followed by two small lines capped by another arch. Maybe an “n” or broken “h” followed. Maybe there was no letter at all. Only the crashing tides of black rising to the lifeless air above them, leaving behind only an impression. Whatever it was or was supposed to be, in his mind, he saw pi.

He thought about pi. How the numbers seem to go on forever without repeating. How hundreds, maybe even thousands of numerologist and mathematicians dedicated years of their life chasing the numbers that never end. Finding all of the places the numbers fit to make sense of their lives while never making sense of their own amaranthine existence. He wandered how they would react when they had found their answer only to find out it was the end of the journey. He wandered what they would do with the rest of their lives once the numbers became monotonous.

She came from the room. Her color was faded at the edges like the lifted waves of the painting. Colored flowed only in the streaks down her face and her morose eyes followed them down.

“She’s gone” she choked out before crumbling down into his chest. He folded his arms around her as she cried. She cried so hard he could hear her fighting for every breath. Breath that seemed to hide in the spaces between as if they never wanted to be found again. He could feel her hollow pain tearing apart at the emptiness of the air around them. Air he knew she no longer wanted to breathe.

Outside he felt her cradled head on his shoulders. He felt her tears falling on his neck. He felt her breathing. Inside he felt nothing. Inside he was numb. Dark with no lifted edges. Black with no division.

He looked at the painting and wondered if there was meaning.


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I kind of got lost in the descriptions here. It kind of seemed as if you had a basic idea of the painting and you just tried going with it, but weren't really sure of it yourself. I can't really picture it. Pun intended. I would work with the description a bit, there's a lot of potential here. I think you nailed the girl's entrance. Was pretty powerful.


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More commas and semicolons? It feels somewhat dry with all these single-clause statements.


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I did like it, it was interesting and I enjoyed going into the persons head as he thought about the painting. Well written in my opinion.