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I'm Zlo and admittedly, I'm a new hand at the whole writing community thing, but here goes.
I've been a writer most of my life, starting with a curious and imaginative itch when I was a kid which translated to an arts highschool with a major in writing. I was diagnosed with a number of chronic illnesses as a kid and after a lot of surgery and head-scratching doctors, I've ended up permanently disabled. It left a hefty mark on my mental health and made it so I couldn't complete my english/creative writing degrees in college, which was discouraging, and lead to several years of almost zero production.

At the behest of my many therapists and psychiatrists, as well as my wife and parents, i've started writing again, and found that i'm only sane when I do it, and while I could and certainly do write for my own sake, I find that the sense of achievement from someone else reading my work is far more rewarding, so here I am looking for critique and readership. (not simply gratification and approval.)

I write all kinds of things. Romance, mystery, horror, science fiction, and epic fantasy, and though my passions change from month to month, epic fantasy seems to be my area of greatest comfort and production.

I've never been the best at short-form writing, as I have more trouble encapsulating my ideas into snippets, simply because a feeling of completion and total understanding is the place that I usually write from. I plan extensively, often too much, and that can be a problem, but while I work on publishing my fantasy novels, I thought I could workshop my other favorites among my peers.
I hope that once I get to posting that people will enjoy them, or rip them apart if they are nothing but confusing and problematic, either way, i'll grow and it will help me greatly. I appreciate your time, and hope to see you around the forums, thank you!


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Hello Zlo, welcome to WF. We are a suportive and friendly group so I hope WF will become your writing home :)

Harper J. Cole

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Pleased to have your here, Zlodesk! Feel free to post some snippets of your epic frantasy works for feedback... 8)


Epic fantasy is a fun genre! I'm glad to hear you've decided to pursue writing again. I think it's always a worth endeavor (though obviously, as a writer, I'm biased--ha). Welcome!


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Hi zlo and welcome, you will fit right in here. I also struggle with short form writing, prefering to write longer pieces of prose but thats ok. And as for being new to writing we all have to start somewhere. :)


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My ex-wife suffered from a long-standing debilitating illness, so I have some idea of how frustrating the rest of the world can be under those conditions. I hope this forum helps you. I'll certainly keep an eye out for your work.
Hi, Zlo!
Epic Fantasy is my mainstay genre.

Working on the next 50,000 words of an already 250,000 word book called 'The Crooked Epic,' I have gained patent for through the Library of Congress.

I began writing, creatively and on my own, with fantasy video games which were text-based on AOL in the 1990's, including one about owning and controlling your entire planet or solar system in a competitive galactic RPG.
Also, albeit with embarrassment, I participated in text-based-RPG fantasy pro-wrestling leagues, where we would be asked to script our own interviews and matches for voting.

Long and short of it, I'm glad to see others expanding the horizons of fantasy. My introduction above reinforces my belief in horror and comedy, but there are certainly strong perspectives in fantasy which are strongholds of the genre.

Good luck and don't panic! (Hitchhiker's Guide quote.)