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The Last Polar Bears - by Harry Horse (1 Viewer)



As there will be an assessment held in school, I accidentally read the book The Last Polar Bears. The story is about an old man set off to the Arctic region to find any polar bears left with his dog, Roo, which had a great opinion on everything by itself. And during the journey, they met a lot of interesting events, which make the journey more eventful and more interesting. At last, they found the last place of polar bears and that eases the old heart of the narrater, the old man.
I think it is almost a story for kids but I believe that everyone would love the fantastic ideas inside, for examples, days beyond 32th October exist and an old man could communicate with most animals he met during the journey.
I enjoy the book, by the way, I hope I could do well in the coming assessment. That is in fact a discussion about books, the discussion includes the genre, the plot, anything interesting, the setting, characters and the theme. The thing I am worrying about is the theme, would anyone who has read this book share what you think about the theme, or some other things else?
And I have got a question: It is a story told by in form of letter, in his last letter, which descibes the narrator and Roo have reached the Great Bear Ridge, where polar bears gather. However, usually there's a signature below the letter, while there is not in the last letter, do you think of anything the author want to imply?