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The Lake District (1 Viewer)


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As we negotiated the kissing gate
the path meandered up the
fell-side, it was at this moment
we took a deep breath and said in
unison....back home where we belong.

Just to put one thing straight, we
don't live here in the glorious
Lake District. No it's as though
it opens it's heart to lovers of
the open air and their desire to
explore each little crag, fell
or mountain and lake.

We feel as though this is our home,
inhaling the pure air, instead of the
pollution we face at home.
We look around in awe at the
contrasts in colours and textures
of this magnificent landscape.

This area known as The Lake
District has no peers, well not
for us. We can hear that Cumbrian
dialect from ruddy faced farmers
intent on keeping some
traditions alive.

I'll just add one last thing, when
we die, we want our ashes
scattered by the loveliest lake
of all... Buttermere our eventual
resting place.


Senior Member

I think this is a lovely piece, the first stanza is especially strong.If I had to make one small criticism and suggestion I think what you could do would be to expand and really drive home what makes the Lake District glorious, rather than tell the reader share with them the colours and the textures. Just that extra bit of description would really strengthen the piece.

Thank you