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The lady in the black dress (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
There is a lady that fills a black dress
on the mountains of my heart.
My tongue edges to move and confess
yearnings of an unbroken start.

Life, the frangible game, a reprise,
the pages flood my dreams with tears.
Sipping stories of love's infant demise
has me choking on bittersweet years.

I would gladly swallow if you choose,
my love, this pear of anguish.
Life is a game we cannot really lose
since winning is a broken wish.

I confess...


Chesters Daughter

WF Veterans
Hello dear Shawn, such a pleasure to have you back. I haven't any nits, and like Farah, loved those two lines. Adored the sentiment regarding not losing, I'll be keeping that close in memory for when times are hard. Beautiful and original imagery, as always, dug your use of the pear, also. Well done, love.



Senior Member
Thanks to both of you for reading and commenting, it has been a whie since I wrote anything so I am kinda trying to get back in the mood and mode to write hehe. Thanks for reading and enjoying!