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The Lady Cries Murder (1 Viewer)



Hey has anyone ever seen this play? It's totally awesome! If you are fans of comedy, smartasses, and detective work, this is the play for you!! It is super confusing! But it is super hilarious. You can understand it and all..but the format of it is so weird....

2 other plays I suggest are "arsinic and old lace" and "S.P.A.R."

the first is about 2 old ladies who murder 12 old men, and the second is just hilarious.

I am writing a script yself along with my novel.

Since I am a HUGE detective fan, I had to write mine about murder. Mine is called "the affairs of murder."

If you ever have an aching to see something funny, you should see or look for the lady cries murder. I willl have a blast.


I've never seen any of those, but it sounds like a cool genre-mix: comedy and murder. Awesome.

Right now, I'm dying to see the stage version of "Hair." It's one of my favorite movies of all time, but I have yet to see the play.

Anyway, good luck with both the novel and the script. :D