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"The Incarnations of Immortality" (1 Viewer)


This simply has to be the best series of books I have read. Ever.

I went through the seven part series in a flurry of reflections on life, puns, and, most of all, pages.

Fantastic series.. It follows a largely coincidental situation concerning one family that has, or has had, ties to the seven main Incarnations of Immortality.. Each book following a different Incarnation.

1. On a Pale Horse follows Thanatos (Death)
2. Bearing an Hourglass follows Chronos (Time)
3. With a Tangled Skein follows Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos (Fate)
4. Wielding a Red Sword follows Mars (War)
5. Being a Green Mother follows Gaia (Nature)
6. For Love of Evil follows Satan (Evil)
7. ..And Eternity follows God (Good)

Originally, the intention was for there only to be 5 books, and to have it end there, but popular demand brought upon the final two.

It's fantasy, but not really unrealistic fantasy. It has ties to the real world. There's only one city made up, most of the locations are real. It seems to question the way the world works, as a whole.

5 Stars.


Senior Member
Piers Anthony, is that right?

I read On a Pale Horse, and I really enjoyed it, but I was about 13 at the time. I never bother with the rest.

I liked the idea that the horse, Morpheous (?), could turn into a silver sports car. And I liked that Death had power over Satan.

Not entirely unenjoyable, and probably the only really good stuff Anthony has managed to produce.

Red Ghost

Senior Member
I really enjoyed On A Pale Horse, the mix of magic and technology was great. I also liked it that we got to see the new "Death Incarnate" stumble through his duties and screw some things up nicely, but become a better man in the end, judging souls on their merits, not by the old black and white rules of right and wrong. This book challenged my beliefs, and made me think. It's still fresh in my mind, and I think it was over ten years ago now that I read it.