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A Writting to every person in our society...

The Importance of self-confidence

There are moments when you begin to focus on a bad news a bad incident which makes you complaining about things and suffer a feeling of deasperation. Everybody knows such moments and has experienced load of them. And we all should know that we should not fall into feelings like these because nothing will be solved in such a way.
Its not true when somebody claims that problems can be solved without the believe in ones own strength, without the faith in yourself that is needed in form of a solid basis to go for what really matters. Honestly the lack of self believe is what prevents someone from already being what he wants to be and what he expects of himself – simply to realize the vision you have.
People really think that they have the potential to do so different from what they are, to be way better and succesful but a lack of self-consciosness and doubt about yourself let them slip into a feeling of desperation that will only cause mental illnesses which will have dramatical negative effects for your physical health and your own way of life. By ignoring your problems, crying about circumstances or wondering why your life is the way it is and not how you think it could be and either why it maybe turned in such a bad way, you will only make everything worse and let you fall deeper and deeper.
I know it is often hard but instead you should only look how you can change things, improve things and make your life better and get confident about who you are and who you are turning into and what you just do. Its hard to go this path but is simple I think. You will just have to put one foot in front of each other and most likely you will see how things go easier and your life gets better.
Everyone that is thinking of oneself with pride and confidence and in fact just likes himself is capable of doing great things. You will evaluate the strength to do even tough things that really seem too hard to achievenow after a while, but if you really try and give you all that you have i am definitely sure that you can reach it...
Disclipline and a vision – a dream you want to fulfill - is a basis that is needed and should give you enough faith to start changing things.

So all you need is the belief, the belief in your own mind, in your own personality, in yourself – you have to be able to look at yourself in the mirror also if you dont like everything in yourself, but you need the strength to cope with those things and find a way to concentrate on changing them instead of complaining about all the bad luck. Luck is coming to those that work for it.
If you get all the problems with yourself fixed you wont have any problems to deal with anything. You dont have to feel the feeling of fear but you feel the feeling of power to reach whatever you want no matter whats the cost. You will do as much as possible to reach your aim. At least you will do everything that you can and you wont fall apart and start cmplaining again as you will see that you will hate yourself for doing this just a moment after so you always have to do what you should considering your own vision. There can be problems that seem to strong to beat, but to cope with them is your only option. Simple phrases like “Failure is not an option” should be your motto in such situations. If you just drop your afford then you wont get any happier. It might seem easier but it wont effect any good nor your mood will change or anything will improve.

You just never see the end of the road when you stop travelling. Life and everything is a mistery that cant be encoded and that is always changing. You can never stop and think now you did all. Theres always a next moment a next hour that will reveal new things which you didnt expect. These things are sometimes bad, sometimes good & sometimes just something in between. You’ll never know. So if you dont try – You wont see what might have been. Complaining about what you didn’t do is something that proves to you that you didnt do the best you could. If you complain about too many things its obvious that you should change your attitude and really do the things you want. Dont think too much about what others might say. They dont have to deal with you. The only one that permanently deals with you is yourself. So get along with your should and you can be happy.
I know this is not an easy process, but nobody said it was easy. Still it is what everybody needs to do to make the best out his life.