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My name is Fran - and I'm often on the edge of something: frustration, despair, discovery, dinner, plus there's a link to a novel I'm writing, plus the incredible difficulty of finding an email name that wasn't already taken, with 'Fran' in it - lead me many years ago when first opening my very first email account - to...

(drum roll)


So that's me.

I write crime, sci-fi and fantasy (with the occasional bit of poetry thrown in).

I have completed a police procedural with part of the second in the series written, and a plot outline for a third.

I have numerous sci-fi and fantasy stories part done, plus I did once have some short stories written but these all got stolen when my car was broken into.

One my husband liked so much I am attempting to rewrite it – also as a script for a film, either animation, or live action – depends how things turn out (doing the animation one first as that's what I'm studying at University).

Okay, that's enough for now.

FranOnTheEdge of....fame & fortune ggg


Hello and welcome to the forums, FranOnTheEdge. That's quite an intro. Great to meet you. Enjoy!