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the impact of food on our behavior (1 Viewer)



i ve lately been thinking on this subject. the difference in sexual habits in asians and europeans has never been out of my mind. at last i ve reached a conclusion.
the europeans eat pig meat. they are destined to develop the sexual habits of pigs in their relationships. the european women are hot whereas the men are cold by temperament. on the other side the asian women are cold and the men are hot. this is all because of the difference in meat they eat. most of the asians eat the meat of animals that are sexually different in nature. cows, sheep, camels perform sex in a different way the pigs perform. their inclination to sex comes once in a year and that too to be satisfied in only one intercourse. i ve heard that the females pigs once inclined to sexual activity takes too much time to be satisfied, and that too by so many pigs. in the same way the bitch is satisfied with sexual activities performed by more that tow or three dogs.
the rate of satisfaction in sexual activity therefore is based on different calculations in european and asian people. europeans mostly feel dissatisfied with one partner. opposite to them asians get satisfied with one partner.
it think it is all because of the kind of meat they eat.
the kinds of vegetables and the ways of cooking affect likewise on our habits. our mental and emotional behaviors depend very much on them. vegetables grown out of soil and at dirty places or dung hills affect differently from the vegetables grown in soil or at clean places. one can compare the people eating these different types of vegetables and can find the difference in behaviors.

to control our unwanted behaviors let us define our eating habits.


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I had trouble following your thoughts here. The whole thing seems very disjointed, but let me see if I can summarize it for my own benefit. The food people eat, both meat and vegitables, and the way those foods are metablolized in the body and the nutrients that are derived from them may be determining factors in the development of human sexual habits?

Hmm. Well, the topic will certainly stir debate. I think you're going to need a great deal of scientific evidence and sociological study to get most people to take this seriously, particularly with the diversity of our world culture, the interchange of consumable products across nations and even continents, and the ever-growing rate of interracial unions and the offspring that come from them. You would be hard-pressed to find enough "pure" Europeans and "pure" Asians for this to be proven because for thousands of years intercultural marriages and lineages have existed. Do you know your entire family history and are you so certain what your ancestry is? Most people cannot. If they can go back five or ten generations they're extremely lucky. People are on the move constantly.

Do you know where your vegitables are grown? Do you absolutely know they were grown in good conditions as opposed to dirty ones? We take for granted that they are. There are far too many environmental factors that can be shown to have more dramatic affects on the development of human sexual habits than can food. America in particular is a good example of a well-blended culture with diverse consumptive habits where food is concerned.

I do think that good health however does play a role on human sexual behaviour to a certain extent, because if you're eating healthy, feeling good about yourself, and have had a loving and relatively healthy upbringing then a healthy libido should be present as well.
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Flexbile Garphite

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Basitt, you needs to define this theory in a scientific way, using scientific references, before we can analyze it in any shape or form. At best, it seems like a wild conclusion based on heresay.


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I dont know. Eating fish does not make me want to go for a swim. Beef doesnt make me go 'moo'. So how can sexual habits be transfered?