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The Ibis of Babel (1 Viewer)


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Ibis of Babel

Thoth and the Words of Mud

Migrants out of the green Nile verge,
he was born in the Hanging Gardens
wherein Tigris and Euphrates merge.

Never had the fledgling seen the sand,
the baked sea of living stone and dune,
between Thoth and his lost homeland.

But he knew the great gate where Ishtar,
clad in lapis lazuli with her menagerie
kept watch over the coveted desert star.

From those gardens, drunkenly fragrant,
Thoth had a view, an eye upon the world,
be they king or captive, prince or vagrant.

From windows of the library he listened
to the utterances of enlightened toiling
with stylus and clay. Wonder glistened.

Words of mud that told of gods and gold,
stories of adventure and history now gone,
Thoth heeded and the learning took hold.

So in the damp earth beneath the limbs
of a stolen Baobab Tree, he finally tried,
Thoth laid down the words within him—

Thoth of Babel, born of Ibis kind:
Read these words, heed them,
these precious words of mud...
figment, footprints of the mind.


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Egyptian Mythology done in the Darkinion way. The last stanza is worth the price of admission. You never disappoint...