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The Historian (1 Viewer)


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They came, they saw, they shrugged.
They built and built.
They had us.

There was once a time
when an external glimmer held power;
the power to ignite an internal conflagration.

Those days are gone,
and the conflagration that surrounds us,
barely heats the smoking coals behind our eyes.

But those eyes still gaze, intensely, desperately, down;
Fetally hunched backs protecting,
our most precious possession.

A window.

Not the dirty polymer behind and above;
that small portal set into the compartment wall,
licked and faded by toxic wind.

This is a window to another world.
A world that we created.
A better world,
or so we were told.

Into this world, I was born.

Mother, father,
reach out your digital fingers,
and caress my binary face.

We grew into the rooted network,
an ancient construct. A grand old tree.
We fed on the fertile night soil,
of pure information,
a thousand layers,
a thousand lifetimes deep.

We focused inward, ever inward,
yet along that spiraling path,
scattered like refuse,
lay fossils. Scraps.
Hints of a thing barely comprehensible.

Another world.

I saw them. I recognized.
I picked them up, when no one would.
A lifetime spent turning bone dust into skeletons.

Then one day, I turned my head.
Hours it took, creaking, excruciating pain,
kicking rust from oxidized tendons.

But I saw
through that portal
and beyond,
and I knew
that what I had stumbled upon
was truth.

The filament of my existence
has flared and extinguished,
but I leave this hidden here,
for you, little one.

Who you are, I will never know,
but curiosity brought you
to this sanctuary that I built,
and perhaps one day you too
will turn your head

and see for yourself.


Honoured/Sadly Missed
Wow spectacular, story, the images fantastic. I read three times and what I love most is I am not done,
like history.
This, The Historian, is a gift to me one I will save to read again and again.
It was late in life I learned about history and the effect on me. Well done and thanks froman!


Senior Member
This is excellent bro! Like a love letter to later ages from those that built the things before. I am blown away and sorta inspired now :D