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The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova (1 Viewer)


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Elizabeth Kostova's debut novel, The Historian flooded the literary market back in the summer.

I searched the forums for any topics regarding this particular work, and found none. Therefore, I'm starting one!

I recently finished this book, and I found it to be overly long and overwrought. It was highly interesting at parts, but the end was entirely improbable, even for a book that combines historical and supernatural elements.

What did the rest of you think? And furthermore, how historically accurate is this book?
I finished it as well, just today, actually. (And I just did a search on the forums for it today as well, which brought me to this thread).

I thought it was a good book, the length didn't bother me. I did find the constant anti- soviet messages very annoying, and I also felt that the conclusion left something to be desired. I don't know how to say this without giving away what happens, but in particular I wish the first part of the epilogue had been left out.


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That's precisely what I felt! The ending, to me, went a bit too far into the supernatural. I liked it MUCH better whan the vampiric elements were more closely entwined with reality, instead of just... thrown at you at the end.