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The Great Books (1 Viewer)



At my school we have a section in the library called "Great Books" which contains books from wuthering heights (my fav) to the scarlet letter.
Which of these books are the true Great books? and what on earth makes them so great? right now im trying (TRYING) to read THe Fountainhead. its not the length of the book that gets me, ive read books that are longer, i just cant get in to it.

what is your insight on the ( i think its either 100 or 101) great books? Which is your favorite?


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There are plenty of good books, a fair number of quality ones, and very few great ones. Even stuff I like such as "Neuromancer" is quality rather than great. The greats are books that change your life and are so well written you remember them as if in a trance... very rare.

Schopenhauer identified three types of author: one who wrote to be an author, one who wrote as aesthetics, and one who wrote because they had something to communicate. So true.


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I kind of know what you mean. They truly are great books. They're just written in a different time, and that's probably why you can't get into them. The diction and the vernacular are much different, but the elements are the same. A good story is a good story! I love Gone With the Wind, The Portrait of Dorian Gray, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Crime and Punishment, etc. They're great. Just keep at it. It'll get better. :D

Winged Sandals

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Heh, the funny thing about Great Books is that not everyone thinks they're great. Everyone has different opinions on them; personally, I think some of the classics are actually terrible stories. It all depends on who's reading them.

I'm not sure how they become "Great". I guess it's based on majority ruling or something, haha.
I've always loved The Stranger by Camus. Read it close to a dozen times by now, always puts me back on the write track with regards to writing.


you know maybe it's the main idea or a lesson that the books give that make them great..
alot of them i have a great plot and all that, but they are so discriptive.
I dont know if any of you have heard of "lexil" scores. but these books that im talking about have really high lexil scores. basically the lexil score just means how many high vocabulary words they have.