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The Good Lord (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
Ok, be honest now, how many of you have a myspace?

And how many of those people who have them have seen bulletins like this:

READ THIS SLOWLY:God. I. love. you. and. I. need. you. Repost this within 5 minutes and title it: PaRtY FrIdAy. A miracle will happen tonight. P.S. Do not ignore *God works in mysterious ways

I mean, the people who really do believe in God don't have to go flaunting it in front of people. Do you really think God is going to smite you if you don't repost a bulletin, telling him how much you love him? Do you think he actually reads them?

I mean, I know God is everywhere, I'm religious, I am. I've even posted a few bulletins like that myself...But it's really getting ridiculous. 'Repost this bulletin with the title 'I had sex with a donkey' or else you'll have bad luck on Friday'. Do you really think what you're readin and/or reposting will really matter to whatever poor soul who reads it? No!!

And yes, people may argue with me, 'Well, God made everything, therefore he made those bulletins to test our love'. God made everything, yes, I completely agree with you there. He made us, as well, if you hadn't noticed. He made our thoughts and he made that bulletin, yes. But if God really wanted to know if we loved him or not, all he'd have to do is look into our hearts and see it.

Believe it or not, the Almighty can do that. It's just one of his more mystifying powers, ya'know?

I mean, what are we trying to prove? 'I posted a bulletin saying I loved God and you didn't, so you're going to hell!' Yea...not gonna happen. Please, please stop with the stupid bulletins. They are annoying, they are a waste of time, they take up space and most of all, they aren't true!

It's all well and good if you need to remind yourself with the help of a bulletin and God knows how many other million people reading it that you love him. If you really needed the reassurance, go pray. If you have enough sense to pray to him and think he actually hears it (which I'm positive he does), than you're religious. He knows it, you know it and that's really all you should need as proof. You don't need to prove your religiousness to other people. It's not a contest.

People aren't going to respect you more because you post a bulletin saying you love God...they'll respect you more if you act like you think you should. The way you were born to. The way God made you.

And I don't want anyone thinking I'm above all of that conforming stuff. I curse, I don't pray all that often, I've reposted all of those bulletins about God....but for all of that, I did it because I wanted to, not because I was trying to prove anything to anyone else. I didn't need to prove my love to God by posting those bulletins. I don't need to pray to God every day to tell him I love him and the people in my life. I don't curse because I think it makes me sound tough. I do it because..well, because it's who I am. I don't curse all that often, the bulletins come around once every month or two and I pray when I really feel like I need to. I trust God completely with my life to know that whatever is right for me, he'll help me make it happen.

I don't go to church anymore. No, not because I don't believe in God (I believe I've already pointed out that I do), but because there simply isn't any church that I'd like to go to and spend an hour and a half of my life at where I live. I actually do wish I could go to church every sunday. I used to love going to church. My mom and I even helped start an early morning service for our church. It was a casual service, no long sermon, just a lot of singing, laughing, praying and some scriptures. We had a coffee hour after that and then it was onto the real service (which we didn't stay for, because we'd already been to one). I was the babysitter, for the coffee hour, actually.

But anyway, my point is, the stupid bulletins about loving God are pointless. And you can already go ahead and say that this essay was pointless as well, because, who am I kidding? It's not like a million people will read this and they'll all stop posting the damn bulletin (see, this made me curse). No, that won't happen. I can't change the world with an essay (especially not one of this small size), and I know this. I accept it, I embrace it.

And I don't think I'll be reposting any of those bulletins any time soon.