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The Good Life - Black Out (1 Viewer)


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Same old routine. As always, thoughts, comments, and suggestions greatly appreciated.


The Good Life
Black Out

The Good Life: both the Nebraska state motto and Omaha band fronted by Tim Kasher, better known for his work with Indie outfit Cursive. Their sophomoric release, Black Out proves that Kasher is no one-trick pony. At times, elements of Cursive may waft in and out, but on the whole, The Good Life provides a much more melodic journey. Kasher's vocal style, as always, is unmistakeable, providing a sense of familiarity to the unfamiliar territory ventured into from piece to piece.

Black Out is more than just an album filled with emotion; it is an album with emotion bursting from the seams. This is made evident during the gentle interlude of "O'Rourke's, 1:20 AM" which features Kasher crooning "Hold on to me. I can hardly stand - much less the sight of myself." The pain echoing in his voice over a gently strummed guitar, Kasher demonstrates to the world that he is much more than somebody who can belt out harsh vocals.

The minimalist qualities of The Good Life shine through on this album, complimented by moments of nearly-chaotic keyboard and guitar interplay. Black Out is an album that is full of deeply introspective lyrics, clangy, clashy guitar riffs, and dense, echoing keyboards, but, amongst the layers of instrumentation, Kasher's powerful vocals shine through.

Black Out is one of the most powerful albums Kasher has produced. The emotional journey this album sets out on may begin at track one and end at track 14, but it is never truly over.

Matthew Montgomery