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The Goings On in Haji's Den (1 Viewer)


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The Goings On in Haji’s Den

The tent blustered and whipped,
igniting amber lights of day’s end
through seams and flaps of Haji’s den.
Deceptions played on the holy grail
of Little Egypt’s hoochie-coo.

One breast flaunted
in flickered rhythms.
The other hid in shadow,
then joined the light
as Little Egypt whirled in veils and bells
and red red lips.
Parts that swayed between waist and thighs,
her black stained eyes,
estranged me
from my puerile knickers
to the possibilities in manly pants.

Dark light, light dark.
Her music shrilled my itch.
I yearned for the flutter show to end,
the wind gusts
and bends of lights to cease,
to ogle the real, the milky white,
her softness moving.

Sawdust clung to my sticky feet
from spit, spilt beer and tar.
El Capitan cigars
and Camel cigarettes
foamed amorphous smoke
that cloyed my lungs and urge.

I gagged my manhood up.

The sun dropped,
the shrilling stopped,
the instant silenced
to one last perfect prayer
as Little Egypt arched and curved,
both breasts raised, praising God,

and winked at me from upside down.


Staff member
what a fun salacious feast of a poem - the tone, mood and atmosphere makes you feel like you're there. - the dance of the veils in a broken down carnival-but not to our spectator- she transported him and gave him sexual delight. I love your phrase'I gagged my manhood up" that made me laugh and remember... This is one very very very good poem- Brava....



WF Veterans
Thank you, rcallaci. I appreciate your comments and so glad you enjoyed it. I'm glad you could feel the old vintage atmosphere. It was so much fun to write. BOYS! lol


Staff member
Little Egypt knew exactly what she was doing to that poor boy, eh? What a fun poem, you have captured the moment and the impact perfectly. I love it.

Deceptions played on the holy grail
of Little Egypt’s hoochie-coo.

What a great line, Sondra! I always enjoy your work. :)


Poetry Mentor
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Senior Mentor
mummmmm hummmmm! Salacious .... sultry... sexxy.... This poem is different than most of your poetry... you showcased your storytelling skills brilliantly! Sooo naughty, but absolutely faaaabulous....


WF Veterans
That young boy was never able to "unsee" that event, no matter how hard he DIDN"T try. Thanks for reading, Fire.