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The Goat has arrived (1 Viewer)

hello i am the goat, i live in australia, iv been writing song lyrics for over a year now, this is the third song writing forum iv joined. thats bout it, if you got any questions just ask


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Welcome to the forums

A little Goat poem I just invented:

Living with this horrific goat,
Stuck my nerves out of view,
Forced, I lived inside my boat,
I think I'll sell you new??

Once I arrived back home,
Urine and faeces were a blanket full,
I realized you had a significant roam,
O, I wish I had a savage Bull.

Your dire presence was intolerable,
So much so, I got a rope to hang
Your neck from the lights above,
You died, fell to the floor with a bang.
Just took me 2 minutes :D


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The Goat has arrived
We already have a goat, named bobo. We don't have an aardvark. Don't you want to be an aardvark? No wait, we do have an aardvark. I don't think we have any Venusian bladder rats. You wanna be a Venusian bladder rat?



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Two goats are much better than one.

And what's with the poem? I got a poem in my introduction thread when I first came here too. It must be something about goats, I guess.

anyway, welcome to the forums goat :mrgreen:
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