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The Ghost (1) (A translated story) (1 Viewer)

Harper J. Cole

Creative Area Specialist (Speculative Fiction)
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Nice work; the translation was a bit awkward in places, but I could still follow the story with no trouble.

The interactions with the mysterious ghost are well done. I look forward to reading more! :thumbr:


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I really enjoyed the balance between internal dialog and actual conversation. Also, much of the descriptive writing had a poetic feel which I also enjoyed. As for constructive criticism, I'm sure there's much to say but as a beginner I'll leave that to somebody better qualified for now.
Keep creating fella.


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this was nice, it kept my interest. some reason, not sure why, but it had a Chinese vibe to it even though it was translated.


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Thank you all! I apologize for removing the post, because I am looking forward to publishing it.

recently I took part in translating a book written by an American Chinese author Minglu Zeng, and it has come out. All of the stories in this book have received awards and one of them was make a short film:


Here is the introduction of The Wonder of Encounters by Minglu Zeng:

https://www.amazon.com/Wonder-En ... er+of+Encounters%22

Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Wonder-En ... nters%22#nav-subnav


Thanks for your clicks , best wishes!
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